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Blue Yoshi
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  • In college, can't do much in the way of forum things anymore. I post in the Disco Room mainly. Things are good except I don't Brawl or hack much anymore. :c

    -reads VMs-

    You guys never did go to Genesis 2 D:
    That's cool, how long have you been working there btw? Do you get any benefits?

    Sounds good, let me know if you do! And haha, is it wrong that I laughed when you said "so I have to basically press air pretending it's the note"? :p And do you have a 360 btw? (Sorry if I already asked you this...)

    Ah, I see. Did you have to learn or were you naturally good at it from birth?

    That sucks, maybe you have a virus or malware or something? And that's understandable, I'm glad that I don't have that many bills to pay. Right now. Let me know when you do btw!

    IMO, the first Starcraft is better than Starcraft II but that's just me. I mean, I could list several reasons to back up my opinion but I'm not sure if you'd care or understand half of them. D: And really? But aren't mice cheap tho? This one I'm using only cost me like $10 at my local Walmart lol. :p I also can't stand using my touchpad. And I can't possibly imagine what it was like playing a game like Starcraft with a touchpad lol...:p And that's cool. And yeah, that's very, very good. That was when I used to play the game competitively and obsessively heh heh...:p

    And you do know that you can easily...acquire those games, right? :smirk: And I understand, life > video games. You're so wise btw. :3c

    And I kinda assumed that, do you think that it's too late for me to get back into the show?
    A hospital huh...that's pretty cool. If you don't mind me asking, but how did you get a job at one? Did you just apply normally or did a friend/family member get you in? And you must love your job, huh? It sounds pretty rewarding if you ask me. =)

    16 years!?!?!? One of my younger brothers is pretty good when it comes to playing the piano, IIRC, he's won or placed high in these RCM things. (He has a old piano in the middle floor of the house and an electric keyboard upstairs in his room.) Sometimes I wish that I had some musical talent in me but I've tried in the past but to no avail. =( And that's cool, you got any videos of you playing the piano on YT or something? I'm genuinely interested.

    I used to play the clarinet and trumpet back in middle school. I wasn't very good at that but at least I tried, no? And that's cool, I'm also assuming that your brothers/sisters and other family members are naturally musically talented?

    And that sucks, how old is it? I'm using a Macbook Pro which I got back in '09 for the 2nd and 3rd year of my Marketing program back at my college. (Was a 'mobile computing' one.) And when do you think you'll be getting a new computer?

    I'm assuming you're into the first Starcraft as well? I used to play that game religiously back in high school, back when they used to have the ladder system enabled, I was ranked #1605 in NA. =) And yeah, I'm approaching both the Wii U and SSB4 with cautious optimism, I don't want to buy another console and rarely play it. (i.e. My Wii, it's been collecting dust for who knows how long.) :( I'm also thinking about getting Pokemon Conquest one of these days and Pokemon Black / White 2 when those games are out in the Fall over here. (And which ones? I don't really have a huge video game backlog anymore.) :awesome:

    Heh, you still watch MLP? I stopped watching that show back in December. :'(
    Where do you work if I may ask? And you play the piano? Are you any good at it? The only intstruments I can play as the plastic kind for the GH/RB series on my 360. :smirk:

    And is the computer you're using old or new? Do you have a Steam ID btw? If so, we should totes play TF2 one day!!! And which game are you looking forward to in the future? (Sorry for asking so many questions btw lol.) :p

    We also have so much in common! I love to sleep a lot as well. I usually don't wake up till 10ish during the summer. :smirk:
    I wish it was 25 C over here these days. The humidity often pushes the temperature to the low 30s. D: (Only 7 more weeks of summer btw.)

    And what have you been up to lately btw?
    Lucky! Can I come visit you over there in BC? I absolutely LOVE the cold! :p (That's like Fall weather btw.)

    Is that normal temperatures over there in BC for July or a first time kinda thing?
    (I'll reply to your other VM later.)

    Happy Canada Day, Blue Yoshi! :)
    That sucks. And I hear ya, that's part of the reason as to why I never really went to a lot of smash tournaments back when I still used to play the series. (I quit/retired in '08 due to Brawl.)

    It's supposed to be in the high 20s over here for the next 2 weeks but I'm pri sure that the humidity will push those temperatures to the low/mid 30s...D:

    How do you stay cool btw? I try to stay indoors and if I need to go outside for anything, I stick to the shade.

    Can't wait till the Fall...only 8 more weeks = September (Which also means that I'm going back to school!) :)
    Ah, well I've never been to BC before. Think you'll ever come back here? I know there are smash tournies nearby...

    Also, it was pri cool today over here. 19 C :awesome:
    That's fine.

    It felt like FL over here today...it was a high of 42 C which is BRUTAL! :urg:

    And I'm sorry to hear that, I hope that everything works out for you. :c

    Have you ever been to Ontario btw?
    It was kinda hot over here today...(21 celsius) but it's gonna be cooler for the next several days, mid 10s. :awesome:
    Well, the snow didn't collect since it was above the freezing point. Oh well.

    Really??? Why? :O
    I hope so. It's gonna be raining tomorrow, 20 celsius in the afternoon then it'll cool down again starting on Tuesday.

    How bout you?
    Hey, I ain't complaining, I love the cold! :awesome:

    It's gonna be warm on Sunday...18 =/
    Tomorrow it's gonna be 3 celsius in the morning and 5 in the afternoon... D:
    Maybe another time, I'm kinda rusty with my French cause it's not really necessary over here in Ontario. :smirk:

    I'm so cold right now btw. D:
    Same. :O

    I was originally born in Montreal, Quebec then I moved over to Ontario in 2001.
    Have you spoken to your program advisor yet or a professor? They can help!

    I'm going to try my hardest not to buy textbooks for this program. Gotta save money.
    Have you considered going into a general program? (i.e. Business - General, I was in this during my 1st year at Sheridan but back then, I knew that I'd want to major/focus on Marketing.)

    Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring!
    Haha, you're lucky. I love snow! (I wish it snowed more often over here.) :cool:

    I can, gotta move some money around tho. $3,500 a year and it's a 2 year program. =/
    It was pretty cold over here today, still gotta wear long sleeve clothing and a jacket when you go outside. Isn't it already Spring tho? (Or is that in 2 weeks or something?)

    I also might go back to college in September. =/
    How good are your Yoshis? I remember trolling my friends with kirby/DK in 64/Melee by SD'ing with 'em. :troll

    And check your PMs.
    If you'd like to know why I'm no longer on the staff, hit me up on Skype or FB. (I'm assuming you have both.)

    And really? It said so on the SWF homepage...o_O
    You should have recommended me even tho I don't play smash anymore. (Retired in 2008.) :smirk:
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