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  • Lol that's true you are using fox. Yeah after you get the basics down with fox, the fact that he's fox kinda takes over.
    Yeah getting past the basics is hard, as that's when you need to start incorporating the mental aspect into your game. You need to start getting reads, mindgaming, making faster decisions, etc.
    That's good, I'm sure you'll be beast by when pound comes around man, you got any vids of yourself? (I don't have any vids of myself, due to the fact that A. I don't have any recording equipment, and B. I don't want to record anything until I feel I'm good enough :ohwell:)
    Hmmmm 7.3 with fox??? Nice. I always score myself low because I try to be a harsh critic of myself, it helps me improve. Anyway, yeah I just want to do decent at a tournament, my goal is to eventually finish in top 5, maybe even win a few ;). It's a pretty lofty goal, but if I put my mind to it I think I can do it.

    That's a good goal, realistic. Not to wear the crown, but be in the room with the guy wearin it.
    Nice, good to know your improving, get yourself in good condition and stay that way. I do mediocre/bad at tourneys right now, because I'm trying to get good with a low tier and I'm still just re-learning the game at the same time. So, yeah lol. Anyway good to know you've got somebody to play, my bro is good at smash too, but he would be alot better if he played more.

    Nerves are a huge hindrance to me too, especially if I'm tired. If I'm tired its harder to keep control of myself. Also if somebody right next to me is rooting for the other guy. The first time that happened it was soooo **** distracting lol XD. I'm sitting there thinking "I thought you were my friend too???" lol. Once we get past nerves (and we will, it'll happen eventually :ohwell:), we will be alot better.

    Yeah man I'm mediocre too, right now if I were to examine and critique (harshly) my own game and ability to read and react to my opponent, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being Taj) I'd put me at a 5.7. I'm not spectacular, but I'm not bad either. I'm getting better each week though, so I'm quite happy with that :D
    Dam that would have been good. The only out of state tourney I've gone to is a tourney in WI, and did mediocre/bad. I had woken up early (got like 3 hours of sleep) to drive like 4 people there, after like 5-6 hours of driving we eventually got there. I was so dam tired lol. For me, tired johns are legit. I play way worse when I'm tired. When you use mew2, your mind is all you got, so if that's tired, then then your mew2 plays tired :ohwell:.

    How many local tournaments do you go to? I've started hosting my own here. It's pretty fun, and because nobody else hosts in MN (are smash community is mediocre lol) I've had a good turnout.
    Hmm, not new to smash but new to the tourney scene. Just like me actually, how many tournaments have you played in so far? any out of state ones?
    That's good. Yeah I'm kinda where you're at, in the middle. I'm not tajlike, but i'm certainly not crap either.
    Here's how it works: upthrow-->shadowclaw,shadowclaw-->shadowclaw-->wavedash dtilt-->wavedash ftilt-->sprint-off-stage-teleport-onto-edge-->control stick opposite of stage second jump bair-->teleport back to edge for the gimp. Of course, that's just one variation in theory lol ;).
    Who would you use against me?
    I'm from minnesota, our smash scene is good, not great (like one of the coasts), but still dec. Thankfully I live near enough to all the rest of the good players so I sometimes get some good practice in. Who do you get to play often?
    You live on the east coast right? Delaware? I for sure would take advantage of that and go, why wouldn't you? I'm probably gonna either fly down, or carpool down with other MN smashers. Hopefully by then I'll be in top condition :) I'm slowly but steadily improving.

    Hows your fox coming along?
    I was wrong on the audio volume. That was my fault LOL.

    It's better with the volume up though, so I like it more now haha.
    Thanks son. That means alot. I definitely have been under the radar for a long time. I got good news for you. More footage was recorded of me playing singles at a tournament yesterday. I used Bowser, Dr. Mario, Mario & Samus. I got 5th place. I actually had a real good chance at winning the tournament or at least come in 2nd. Super close games that could've went either way happened lol. Its all good. Alot of people know I'm pro or should be considered pro and then there are people who really don't consider me a good player. They all will see though. Even for important stuff like national crew battles, I'm one of the people to be picked. I'll let you know when those videos go up. I'll put them on my YouTube page.
    You already have footage of my five mains which are Bowser, Dr. Mario, Mario, Samus & Pikachu. So having Peach and any extra characters is awesome. I play with every character and used characters like Marth, Fox, Peach and a few others in tournament and crew battles. The thing is when I use those characters, I'm never being recorded lol. I spoke to Scar earlier and he told me he's gonna put them up finally since I need them for my combo video. I'm also gonna see him later today at a tournament we're going to. You don't have to exclude any character. As long as my five mains are there, its all good. I just want people to see how beast I really am since I'm an extremely underrated player. I just never get recorded.
    Its aight son, don't worry about it. Take your time. There's more footage of me using various characters in two crew battles that happened recently. Scar is just being really lazy and not putting them up =(
    Ahh man.... Well I hope you can make it. I'm not going to ROM2 so that's outtta the question. But Pound 4 is going to be amazing man.
    Yo Tiajuan what is good my niggs? Hey man, psyched for Pound 4? I'm thinking about registering. You registered yet? More importantly, got a partner?
    Wait, so you will actually make me one?

    If that's the case, then let me send you the combos I already have cut out of youtube(and a few combos that aren't online).
    Hahahaha thanks man. <3

    I'm trying to make a combo video, but it's a slow process(especially since I have the flu right now arg). That name is pretty hilarious though. =p
    He was moving to Peach shortly before he left this area, so I'm not surprised.
    Yes. He was at the community college over here. He mained Captain Falcon in Melee. We never really played Brawl. He had potential but never went to tournaments.
    Haha I went back and noticed that actually :P

    and no worries, I never hit hard if face shots are allowed. I'd hate to break my nose again >.<

    Usually I'll just teach grappling skills or have a fun boxing match light face contact.

    I'm heading out now so I'll have to check out the site when I get home :D
    Yeah of course I've heard of those haha.

    Its kind of convenient, the radio station I listen to out here (104.1 The Edge) does whats called the Edge Octagon which covers everything MMA, including those. Thats actually how I learned about Sengoku lol. Unfortunately I dont have the free time to follow all of them tho. So I usually just stick with UFC and WEC. I have a choice, watch those, or go train :P

    If you go to Pound 4 I'll be bringing some boxing gloves and MMA gloves, we could spar each other or train together (its what I did with Taj at Genesis. Midnight each night we went out and put the gloves and mitts on and started hitting).

    Its always fun to train and learn from new people.

    Oh yeah were did you wrestle out of? And what weight?
    Oh sorry I forgot to answer that one.

    When I have the free time I usually watch UFC, WEC, Pride, and anything that involves 1 on 1 competitive fighting :D
    I mean I appreciate it, but everything you have seen from KA is pretty old. I have never heard M2K compliment anyone about smash stuff except KA.
    lol I have played it one time, it was pretty fun, I prob won't enter any B+ tournaments ever unless it's free but it's a good way to kill time when there is no Melee available
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