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DJ Nintendo
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  • Your set against Idare on May 13th was amazing. It was Roy VS Marth, and your Roy was excellent.
    DJN!! What's goodie. Got done with finals and I am a happy man lol. I'm ready to smash for the whole summer. Badass.
    Awesome stuff bro. Good to see you alive and kicking it. Yo bro, I'm trying to train people here in Daytona. Florida is already known for its players, but I'm the best in Dayotna Beach. That;s not saying much because only like 3 of us play. I'm trying to train more people. These guys started playing competitively like not too long ago. Beginning of this semester actually. Maybe you can leave a comment with some pointers. They both like your stuff and I'm sure they will be motivated by your advice. Plus, this video has some pretty funny commentary (not better than yours of course):

    Oh wow nice. I didn't know you played Pikachu now/before. xD Hopefully your return shall be big. ;D And no I will not be going to ROM3, I suck at Melee too much to go there. ; 3;
    Tournies confirmed and picssssssssssssssssssssss yeahhh lol I'm hyper.

    I'm still on hard was a lil lazy cuz now I'm playing rainbow six on xbox live lol. I'm in xbox mode now. (I can't have both systems up at the same time no space)

    So come man (if you can lol)! Let me know if you need help on how to get there and stuff, just need chinatown bus and just one train and free transfer. : D
    Btw I might have a date for my philly tourny. Prolly the 13th of November. Get hyped.
    Ok, thanks bro. Let me know what's up. ;P

    LOOL ok. Nah seriously though, since you said that, I have had some motivation to playing PSO. So I'll let you know when I get to that level haha. That game is too fun not to play with people. : D
    I gotta see if I can house you guys. I don't wanna end up housing a million people like I usually do every year lol. I gotta check with the mom first.

    Start playing PSO again. You have to be at least level 120 or above to go into me and my friend's first official PSO party lol. We're trying to bring back people who used to play the game.
    Hey man. Can me and Kurt (and maybe my gf, she plays smash too) get housed for rom? We can get to your house by china town bus and the D train, which is sooo much easier than going to saffron, but yeah...

    *Plus in the future if you needed to get to MAD you would only need to use china town bus and a train after that, plain and simple*
    So basically I only have like one character who like recently started hard mode.

    Then I have like two others that haven't been going through much yet.

    I used to have a level 106 HUmar...

    but yeah I corrupted
    Ah, not now no. :[ I haven't played because I didn't know who locally played either.

    But if you guys will play locally, I'll try to get my levels higher so I can play with you guys. ;p

    Also, where would you guys usually play?

    But yeah, I really do want to play, because PSO is soooooooooo ****.

    I even got the Card evolution PSO. So get at me.
    Yeah. Well it's been a while... LOL Memory Card Corrupted twice. ;-;

    But PSO is my life. Next to Melee.

    I even got Phantasy Star Online Ep III. Not just I and II.

    I even got Phantasy Star Zero for DS.
    Yo how to you effectively get to Saffron from taking a china town bus. : D

    I know it's China town bus > Port Authority and theres some yellow/red line and PATH train thing but I DON'T KNOW.

    Help meeeeh with the NY matchup. Kthx : D
    Good **** man! Yeah I'm sure you can do that.

    My doc is doing fine, but not good enough. I'm still trying to improve, but i'm also practicing jiggs too... I want to try capfal and icies as well, but I can't do **** with them.

    But yeah. Chillin.
    Yeah son I quit life. Oh I'm goin to no johns with Lunarnova. Also show me how to be the master of commentating because I wanna commentate w/e so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Hey man, I was wondering if you would be able to give me and Lunarnova a ride to no johns somehow someway, *goes into song*

    But yeah, if not, it's ok. Hope to somehow see you over there haha. : D
    Lol DJ I just saw, "You can also triple stick DI like I do. If you're female, unfortunately you can only double stick lol."

    amazing post
    NP, where is it btw?

    Hoping to get some training in before Saffron though (can't go to MLG because of School), doing any melee sessions this sunday or next friday?

    Overall, I really appreciate it man, thanks.
    Hey, wondering if I could take you up on the training, I've got some free time tomorrow and was wondering if I could get in on anything. Hit me up on AIM if it's cool (Acerbus Draco).
    sup dude! you know that i really wanna team at apex lol. but i actually already planned on teaming with v3ctorman. i'm sorry man, but how about we team at the next big tourney that we're both at?
    If you don't mind me asking, do you have any tips to playing Mario in teams?

    Like, who his best partner is, good/bad stages, combo setups, etc.?
    Hey DJ, another question. I notice your username is in green. How can I change mine to be a specific color? I need some more smashboards techskillz lol.
    Yeah man. Gota give her las cajas de chocolate lol. I'll wait for ya bro. So will all my peeps who are fans. We'll chill later on this year. Ttyl.
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