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  • You're absolutely right bro. Lif efirst man and family too. But as you suspected, the tourney is soon. Feb 13th I believe. I know cause it's right before Valentine's. Gotta get my huney a gift lol. Well, good luck to ya bro. Just know that when crew battles come and I'm there with ya, we gonna fight lol. It's all good home boy. That's the best part of life. Just chillin with friends with no problems on your shoulders. We'll see that day yet NDJ.
    I'll show you at Winterfest since I might end up going. Its mad complicated and its better to explain in person.
    yea i know how to work the ground, months of marth practice taught me that
    you got any advice on the air game? should i juss stay grounded and UB his attacks? his nair trades/goes through mine, and his **** comes out so quick, juss wondering if i did decide to take the fight to the air what move would be best, timing everything right of course
    yo bro
    i need some advice on the samus vs. luigi matchup
    his aerials are **** good ;|
    Ah awesome thanks!

    Could you PM me your address and number? I'll probably message you again when I get the specifics hammered out.
    Hey DJ, I was wondering if you could house Catfish at least Saturday night?

    I haven't worked out specifics yet, but I can if you need me to.

    Oh, and if you can't house me, who should I talk to?
    Good stuff. I'll see it since I subscribe to his account. I think your starting to get Recognized now. You kinda went under the radar for years though. People are starting to get to know you as a commentator so hopefully with more vids you'll be a more known player. I agree though your Too good to be over looked. With a Combo Vid and More matches recorded maybe you'll finally make it to the Forefront of the smash scene.
    LOL! Apparently your not the only person waiting on him to put up footage. I take it he's famous for sitting on footage he's got. Either way I'll need that footage if it's got good stuff. I got footage of your Peach, Mario, Doc, Samus, and Bowser, and Pikachu. Is there anyone else you play with that you want put in? Or anyone you want excluded?
    hey I started editing some of your clips. It's definitely going to **** when It's done. It's going to be a few days though because I kinda Promised a Colbol vid to PB&J Before I said I'd do one for you so It's only fair I do his first. I hope you understand bro.
    You are so right man. I try to emulate your commentary but not be you you know? I have your theme in my videos but I mix it up with my own style. It makes for tremendous commentary lol. And I see you're Dominicano. Well you know how Dominicans do . Chocala ay loco lol. Soy Dominicano tambien. Soy de la capital en Los Minas. Representando lol. Hope to meet you at Pound 4 and hand out man. Do some Dominican stuff like meet girls lol and make jokes. Me llamo Jose but you can call me Atma.
    You ever consider selling actual DJ drinks? If I had the money I'd back you. Imagine how much safer it would be to drive if everyone had better DI LOL!!!
    DJ!!!! I was wondering if i can get some info for you bday tournament/party/badass thing. I was hoping i could bus to NYC to it. You have an sn?
    Yo DJ I'm entering the melee tourney at Apex and was wondering how many cases of DJs do I need to consume to get at you guys in melee.

    Thanks and your bowser is **** :D
    Yo DJ your Bowser is looking sick man. Hope I get to hit you up at your tourney and get some matches vs it.
    Hey, are you going to GENESIS? I was wondering who you're housing with and maybe if that house has room for PB&J and myself. I'm a Bowser main and heard from Evan that you like teaching people, so I'd love to get some matches with you.
    Thanks lol.
    Yeah not to brag, but i think i have the right requirements to be a really good samus, im just not using it =(. Oh well, soon ill be able to unleash my fury lol.
    whats up man, I just read your post saying that you have excellent have to help me out! I want to reach a high level of play someday, I play brawl, but I use Zelda/Peach, Ness, Pit. There not the typical high-placing characters, & I think the best way to win w/ them is to have excellent observation/mindgames which you have! This is just the one thing that prevents me from becoming the best I can be, if I learn this, I should kill @ my 1st tourney. Lol, but when you start a match, what is the most important things to look for? How do you go about predicting your opponents next move? Like if its MK or Marth, I know there typically aggressive so w/ Zelda I'll just shield it then Oos Dash attack. Man I know these are a lot of questions, but I'm not expecting anything special, just any advice that you could tell would really help me out.

    Thanks, goodkid
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