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  • o ur on XBL alot? u play halo @ all i play that like 25 mintues a day but if you wanna add my bro add lasagna pudding im sure he wont mind too much
    ill b sure to take pics when metrocon comes around it will b in july so it wont be a while for pics but either way ill b sure that i get some to you :)

    and u mean mai from yugioh? i really hope i didnt disapoint lol
    haha yea its gonna b saweeeeeeet anime conventions are the best haha this year for metrocon im gonna go as the spy from TF2 and my gf is gonna go as the scouts mom lolol
    yea vash is pretty awesome :D


    yesssss gamme is gonna b awesome theres gonna b an anime convention next door as well so its gonna b

    omg how are u i havent been able to find your profile howve you been? are u guys coming back to gamme???
    Haha thx. Yea I wasnt able to make it to winterfest, but I should be going to Gamme if the date doesnt change and other people from up here go. Dont really wanna make the trip alone
    I think so, my job scheduling is insane so hopefully nothign happens bewtween now and then lol
    Thanks. I try to entertain everyone the best I can buy saying random, stupid stuff lol. Word, we should play sometime. Where you from?
    maybe... i dont like the ideas of brawl and a whole day of just friendlies though
    its also like really far away
    We'd love to help them out but it sounds like we'd have to drive 3-4 people, leaving 1-2 spots for actual FLians in our car >_>

    plus we already have our ride planned out, it's gonna be Me, QDVS, Frames, Dop, and Garban20

    haha it was a while ago T_T

    but meh i'll update you when I'm going to the next one
    hey umm, lol my internet's been down so i couldnt play ya lol, but are you going to the tourny this sat?
    Yea I could house you,And money match, depends on how much money I have to match with at the moment
    haha sure no prob, umm how would i play you in Melee??? lol

    and alright ill get my wifi set up
    hey, kinda knew... kinda not heh, umm yeah just saying hey i guess, thought i would add you

    -- Seon

    PS: we should play, I main Shiek
    meh, i dont play brawl much at all anymore. brawl is fun for casual play, but i play melee for competition.
    Well, if you don't live in my state, I can't see us being able to play melee, sadly. If I do go to any major tournaments, it will be FC, and that is uncertain as I don't even know if they're having it this year, and I don't know if I would be able to make it during school if they did.
    Well... I don't like brawl for the reason that every time I play, I wish I was playing melee, and then I trip and stuff :/. But, I still have some fun when I play, and still play with my friends sometimes so I would have no problem playing you. However, since my Wii is broken right now (I'm about to send it in), I will have to give you a rain check. I play no items, non-banned stages of course.

    BTW, why did you add me as a friend? I mean, are you someone I met at a tournament or just a random person who agrees with my posts or what? I don't mind, I'm just a bit curious.
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