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  • Oh you enjoy World's End Girlfriend's music also?
    What do you think of Heartbreak Wunderland
    I really enjoy Hurtbreak Wonderland. I've put WEG in a few of my shielddropping videos
    I wish I could play more dittos, haha. Anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to your Bowser. Pretty coo.
    That's awesome! I've played Koopa since my first tournament. Uhh, the only people I've ditto'd were Gimpy and Vader. Gimpy really gave it to me but I managed to take a set off of Vader. Gotta admit, I'm still kinda scrubby but I'm working on it! There's actually a tourney coming up on April 10th and I'm hoping to represent!
    Haha no problem at all, I haven't heard most of those except for Genghis Tron and even then I haven't listened to that either. I'll check 'em out, thanks.
    Haha yeah, I like Jesus. I like all music except reggaeton... but my top two favorites are electronic and metal. I happen to love industrial metal especially lol (death and black are tied for my favorite sub-genres of metal and then doom and/or industrial depending on my mood).
    I'm definitely going to Genesis. Although I have no idea who I'm housing with yet lol. I'll be more than happy to do some matches with you and teach you stuff =)
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