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AXE 09
Last Activity:
Dec 16, 2016
Dec 3, 2006
Likes Received:
Trophy Points:
Apr 7, 1991 (Age: 26)
Avondale, AZ

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AXE 09

Smash Master, 26, from Avondale, AZ

AXE 09 was last seen:
Dec 16, 2016
    1. Trooer
      Hey Axe, just curious how you worked/learned Falco and if you have any tips for me about him. I relatively new to the smash scene and love the game. (esp. your Falco) Thanks!!
    2. Alex Duarte
      Alex Duarte
      My friend and I are hosting our 6th local tournament in Douglas Arizona. We are having the tournament for Wii U on April 16th. Our previous tournaments have been great successes, with our last Smash 4 tournament having nearly 32 competitors. We would be honored if you could make the trip and come to our event. Please try to contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!
    3. Dirtnap
      you were robbed at MLG dude, we were all pulling for you here in AZ
    4. Valadis
      *feets you*
    5. TheFadedWarrior
      What are your opinions on Pichu?
      1. Benny P likes this.
      2. DorkCube
        He said that he thinks that he is the worst character in the game on one of his streams.
        Apr 22, 2016
    6. Maniclysane
      Any resources for the Pikachu - Fox MU? I have a friend who's convinced it's even and I'm trying to explain that It's about as bad as Fox - Puff
    7. pokemario
      Pika pika!
    8. Sapphire Dragon
      Sapphire Dragon
      Congrats on the win today! :D:D So legit. You truly are the master of Pika!
    9. Popertop
      Yo Axe, you been reppin mad hard lately. It feels like the smash community at large is finally recognizing how good you are, and the unique strengths of Pikachu as a character. Speaking of which, I was wondering if you could critique some recordings? I'm looking to make some this weekend.
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    10. Thor
      So impressed with your placement at Evo 2014! I was so tense during your last stock against Armada, and I think you'll get it next time. Your 1-minute 4-stocking of Silent Wolf was also incredible!

      Congratulations on the high finish!
    11. Pr0fessor Flash
    12. Dex17
      Congratulations Axe in the Apex!! you're always high in tournaments!!
      You're Awesome! You will always be my greatest inspiration in melee!

      Congratulations again and also to pikachu!! :3
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    13. Hotrootsoup
      Hey Axe, just wanted to say you're a huge inspiration. I've taken to Pikachu, and I study your videos. Your stuff vs Mango at Evo was incredible, I can't even count how many times I've watched it.
      1. Swaq and Sapphire Dragon like this.
    14. Voltz
      I like project M Pikachu.
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    15. standardtoaster
      You going to sakurai can't save you now 5? I know you said you'd see after apex a while ago but a person can hope. :<
    16. Voltz
      Good job at Apex ;)
    17. Ranmaru
      Dude, it's Ranmaru. I'm in room 837 in the Heldrich Hotel, you can call/text me at 215 251 2190. (The guy who asked you to play him :D )

      See ya dude.
    18. Oneupsalesman
      Hey, I got to see one of your matches today during the Project M pool stream and I was really, really impressed! I was freaking out the whole time because all of the stuff you did was crazy good. Thanks for giving Pikachu a good name, keep it up! :)
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    19. Zatchiel
      Axe! :D
    20. SSBM_Sora
      Can you message me your number so i can definitely contact you during the tourney. We can trade tips. =O Or if you're going to Dissention.
    21. Spyro
      Happy birthday Axe!
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    22. 9Kplus1
      omg omg omg

      so young, so amazing

      happy bday, man. Don't go too crazy ^^
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    23. Ripple
      happy birthday
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    24. F8AL
      Happy birthday, Axe 09!!!
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    25. rhan
      Happy Birthday from one low tier player to another. :)

      Don't party too hard bro. haha
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    26. NJzFinest
      Good to see that you're using Y Link. You should pick up from where Hanki left off :)
    27. Krynxe
      Hello, I am that puff player by the way

      Glad we could talk about the pikachu mu and stuff

      Good luck today :)
    28. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      You the best! <3
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    29. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Quote: Originally Posted by Bing Yes But Axe is liike... 85% Pika.

      Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more like 45% PIKA/25% Falco/20%Fox/5%YL/2%Marth/2%Peach/1%All other characters LOLOL
    30. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Jag alskar dig... saknar dig
    31. Wake
      So a bunch of my friends got together and took me out to dinner. They said that the dinner was supposed to be some kind of Christmas celebration or something, but at the end of the dinner one of them got up and said that it was actually for me and that they had a present. They gave me a bag with a note and an envelope in it. The note said, "You're going to Apex!", and the envelope had enough money to pay for my trip both ways. All of them gave some money to a fund for me secretly... so basically I have awesome friends, and I'm going to Apex :)
    32. Glöwworm
      it's so beautiful
    33. Glöwworm
      what is your signature...
    34. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Thanks man you're a real pal we'll **** him up good.
    35. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Yeah what a mother ****er we need to beat him up you and I!
    36. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Dude did you see that guy Strong Bad put me on blast? Jesus man.
    37. V3ctorMan
      Axe....yeah he's pretty good, some Pikachu player? lol :p
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    38. Cherished Doll
      Cherished Doll
      Pika pii!!!!!
      1. Sapphire Dragon likes this.
    39. choknater
      i'm determined to be the axe of young link! :D
    40. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      can you pm me that airfare info sometime? i'm still mad annoyed and wish u'd have made it but i might as well go to Rom4
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  • About

    Apr 7, 1991 (Age: 26)
    Avondale, AZ
    Right now i mostly just play super smash brothers melee, but i also like to just hang out with friends and meet new people to play super smash with


    Twitch.tv Username:


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