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  • I totally still wanna play go with you. just text/aim me if you're on, 713-417-8205. my aim is smoomier!
    Hahaha I'm so happy to hear that man :) Thanks so much.

    I really only play Falco cuz he's fun. I might use him in tourney for troublesome matchups for Pikachu (or against someone who does really really good against my Pika), but for the most part he's just my fun character =)

    How long have you been playing Pika?
    My dream partner has always been Mr G&W, but I've never got a chance to team with one . I think G&W would be his best, simply because GW is beast in doubles in general, and Lucas has EZ bucket fills. I think Lucas also works well with MK, ZSS, and apparently DDD, since Pink Fresh and Coney got like 9th at MLG DC, they beat Lee Martin and...whoever he teamed with at that tournament.

    Apparently I posted this on my own wall somehow. Derp.
    Well, Lucas' main problems in singles aren't a problem in doubles, such as getting grab released, and other various impossible matchups. In doubles, Lucas doesn't have to worry about being brickwalled by Marth or gay stuff from Snake (anywhere near as much), and Lucas can kill really really early in doubles, which is important. Lucas is fairly fast, and I sometimes stocktank very very well.
    Battle Star Galactica is a show Xyro and Smoom want me to watch.

    I've only watched the first 40 minutes but so far it's pretty good.

    You can find the links/downloads on the fourth page of my wall of visitor messages.
    I don't know either. I do know the name has something to do with thunder, but that's it.
    pop thanks for the ride offer that means i can really go now! its just im sure you want to stay till midnight+ but i need to be home by like 11:30/midnight so there is a problem but im going to see if you can bring me there and my mom pick me up so save my spot please ill let you know by the end of the day
    Against who?

    You could always just learn the Buffer Dthrow CG on Falco... I'm personally too lazy. Also, I think it's lulzy, cuz you almost quit Wario.
    Dude I wish I would have recorded that match against that ROB. It was so win!

    You should tell my crew about it, I tried to tell them the story and nobody believed me, they thought I was exaggerating. I need some support LOL.

    You should tell them in my thread for me, and in return I'll finish that money match with you for sure next time we travel upstate. xD



    (Secretly I also want you to subscribe to it so we can share some love in there. xD)

    What does clutch even mean?! Also I realized... I'm like.. the only Snake main in this state. Razer doesn't count. 14 year olds are not people.
    You better wreck HOBO 15 this weekend. Especially since Esca says you're just as good as I am, I better see you top three in either singles or doubles, or both (which I could never do out of boredom/fatigue, so it would make you better)! Any and all Pits must be two stocked, this is a rule.
    haha i dont remember but i was like WAAAT mah boy pop gettin that recognition in the character rankings board lol
    Originally Posted by PikaPika!
    "I heard he got 3 stocked by some lucario named Tuxedo Mask in tourny."

    DUDE! wasn't taht you?

    i think i saw your sig wit the bowser n lucario, amirite?
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