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  • SO disappointed that **** was closed, i spit out my soda while watching, ****'s hilarious
    Um...that's a good one. Well I'll be arriving at the Ramada tomorrow. If you see a guy wearing a black/center blueish Led Zeppelin t-shirt, that'll be me. I'm also attending the group Harry Potter midnight showing thingamajig. If anything else, I can give you my room number if we don't meet on Thursday.
    tallman if you're reading this and you're not in California

    Snake and G&W are a good combination. OK, I'm signing up with the name Old Man Grey. Finishing up the form right now.
    I main G&W but I also use my other secondaries like DK, Falcon, Luigi, Marth, Mario, Ganon and Pokemon Trainer. Yes, I saw your earlier post.
    Tallman, can you send the replays to me anytime soon? There's some stuff on there I want to watch / go over.

    It should be on your Wii.

    My Peach vs King Beef's Marth and Metaknight both matches on Smashville.
    omfg how did i listen to that whole song looooooool
    when his voice went SUPER high, i lost it.

    and yeah d00d, thanks for being able to give them to me.
    if you don't already know how, you can figure it out in this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=233863, if you can just send them to me over .SWF, that's fine I guess

    thanks foo
    ey bro dat hobo 32 tho i recorded some matches on yo wii

    i noticed you didn't have a SD card in it, so they are directly on yo wii

    it's my Peach vs KingBeef's MK and Marth on SV - if you have any way to upload them it would be really appreciated because we both wanted some matches up, or if you have an SD card you can send them to me over mediafire, orrrr you can send them to me via WiiConnect24 on Brawl

    One more thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv9wk5lgGFo
    You posted your most recent VM on your own wall.
    You might wanna fix it.

    DUDE! random as **** i know. buttttt i just moved back to houston and wana try to see whats up with everyone to maybe get some games of whatever goin ;o
    I got my event Suicune, but if you really need Mew I guess we can arrange a trade because I know your stuff is legit. My Mew is timid with really good IVs across the board. If we trade just... don't give me anything with **** IVs like that Failmin you gave me when we were a couple, lol. Granted, I was able to GTS an amazing one but...

    I like Ev training and using events in battle.

    btw remember when we ate at that Chinese restraunt you mentioned that fisherman ralph guy and how ****ed up he is and i started laughing my *** off? Well he just called me and said "A Tentacool slipped away. I was feeling down about it until he shared his Poke'Balls with me."

    .............................. o___O
    u just mad cuz master porky, fassad and pigmask stylin all over u.

    wtf do u want me to post

    i bet u want me to post this:

    Confession. I've been cheating on you. I'm sorry.


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