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  • Hi, you don't know me but I thought that I should strike up a conversation with you.
    Oh man, hehe. My mistake. I get so few visitor messages that a new one startles me nigh every time. So how's Dallas?
    oh hey. whats up? i do remember you. Thanks for seeing the interview, its been crazy. yeah, ive been playing ssf4 now, its too fun. glad you thought it was cool. if ya can, add me on facebook. names Mike Begum
    Dark Brotherhood is fun. Thieves guild is pretty fun, especially the end. I haven't done much of the fighters/mages guilds but they were pretty boring to start. I took forever to do the main quest because it turns out I was spending a lot of time on "Allies for Bruma" which is an extremely boring OPTIONAL quest, didn't know it was optional x_x
    The ending of the main quest is kind of disappointing. Morrowind was better.
    I haven't tried Arena, is it good?

    Yeah I'm pretty happy with getting good IVs for that Taillow. I'm not even a big fan of Swellow, I just happened to find some in the wild and thought "hey I could use one of those I guess"
    I'd rather use like, Pidgeot, but it SUCKS HORRIBLY OMG

    wanted to breed a good Swellow for the hell of it, and this is the result!
    Woo! 30 attack, 30 speed, good HP and defenses, good enough for me!
    also @ asdioh electro web is much more gay of a move. I ***** so many cpu pokes with agility, electro web and charge beam
    not sure if i should just get a 3DS.. i guess i might as well since nothing else will be made for the DS anymore :(

    i finished black last night and it was all kinds of awesome :) they really did an awesome job with gen v story and 95% of the pokes were ones we havent seen before i love it

    also lol@bipson pic there was a bipson on a stream today that just spammed teleport to move around LOL
    i just had my first rotation battle tonight...very interesting mechanics. If i guess wrong my attack could not work at all.

    Does the 3DS support wifi better? i havent been able to try out the dream realm yet :(
    I think you're right. Especially about the base 140s part. Some of them are ridiculous. I've spent so long playing 5th gen without actually looking up the new pokemon and their stats... occasionally I'd look up abilities because they tend to be weird.

    Like, I knew Shandera has Shadow Tag. Then I look and it has 145 special attack what the ****

    Exadrill is trash Sandslash is better.
    Actually, that's not true at all, I'm just upset that Sandslash finally got an ability he can do awesome stuff with, only to be replaced but a much better version of Sandslash.
    But my sandslash beats those moles anyway so screw them.

    Also I sometimes blow peoples minds with my Weak Armor Kabutops with Swords Dance/Aqua Jet/Endure/Flail. They're like WHOA. It's so fun lol.
    Too bad Extremespeed is +2 priority now, as if that was needed at all.
    So what do you think of 5th gen competitively, by the way? I've been playing it on PO for a while and besides the fact that everybody uses the obviously top tier/annoying as hell pokemon, I think it's somewhat balanced.
    And some of my favorites are more viable now :3
    I'm sure he still does, but he doesn't enjoy it that much these days, and he's been sorta failing at it too, somewhat. He also has a girlfriend. #1 M2K stalker right here. jk

    I have a cool story about M2K, if you know Shaya, you could say that he's the one responsible for MLG not picking up Smash this year. You see, when M2K was in Australia, he stayed at Shaya's house, where he spilt water on his lucky controller. So when he returned to America he didn't have his lucky controller and started performing poorly, that's when he started to try and split the pot money/forfeit matches or whatever he did, which made MLG not pick up Brawl.

    Have you seen any of the Charlie Sheen videos? I find them pretty hilarious.

    I also have that same genetic disorder that you have where you look a lot younger than what you are. :p

    We are the coolest of the cool. :cool:
    You miss me? :troll:

    I've ran out of weird images to post! It's why I've been so quiet lately. But I'll totally get back on to posting stuff just for you.

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