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  • I would love to play you one day or have a friendly. Your skills with Lucina are such an inspiration to me.
    Okay. I never had facebook but I said to myself "next person who asks me I'll try it out"
    I sent you invite, lol my name should be Juri Han... don't want people to find me
    haha wow my mind is blown! I saw you're interview on SRK. Wow a top Chun-Li player! That's so great! Do you remember me? I got a name change this is SniperNightOwl, I was the girl (Dina) who played yellow Kirby who Hylian chain grabbed at Hobo 18 lol. I'm in Dallas now, do you ever go to any tournies? That's awesome you picked up SSF4, I did too. I can't take Brawl very seriously anymore. I main Bison and Juri. Congratulations on all of you accomplishments! You are very inspiring!
    Yea, I hear ya. I'm tryin to do the same. Btw, Wobbles said he's probably not going to make it. Idk about darkrain or DoH though. Either way, let's meet in Grand Finals. =-)
    Hey, you know all this rivalry stuff is all in good fun right? I'm looking forward to playing you, and I've always had fun playing you. Our matches are usually close, and exciting. I wouldn't be talking **** so much unless I was having fun. I never seriously **** talk.
    um sure, if we go do we have housing? I can ask my father if we can stay at his place again if we need it.
    BRING IT!!!!! if you need housing, contact pj/p4/sync/riot. all their numbers are on the front page of the H thread
    i'm entering steakfest tomorrow to see how i do. i'm pretty confident, we'll see how it goes :3
    Probably not. Light was gonna take me, but he recently posted that he's probably gonna cut back on tournaments for school. IDK if he meant he would skip phase two/no koast, or if he would attend those and then stop.
    "HOBO 20

    November 7th, 2009

    Thread coming soon....."

    ): So I'm guessing the rest of RGV isn't either?
    loool yeah I was fighting Hylian with my yellow Kirby. Hahahaha that was you? Thanks. He's evil that was my first offline match! xD
    Broly I was the girl in the skirt at Hobo18. I saw your Marth in action. I just wanted to say you're ****ing amazing. D:
    Ozz is going to pound 4? or was that for other tournaments i got a bit confused there.

    My ike is a bit rusty right now but 4 months should be more than enough to get him back in whobo 2 stocking broly on his counter pick shape ;) Just let me know when you can and we can practice both teams when ever we are together and we'll see what works best.
    hey i'll team with you for pound 4 if you want. Or any other tournament we go to together which will probably be like whobo and pound since we live in the middle of no where lol.

    The choice is yours since i think your the better player though.
    yea i will practice my mk. we should experiment with marth marth but marth mk will end up being better.

    team name should be Aladdin and the Magic Table
    who would be the in the rgv crew broly??

    a) if pax and vash go
    b) if they dont go
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