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  • Oh yo! Glad to see you're still active and around, have you been able to make it out to any tournaments? What do you think of Smash 4 so far?
    I have man. Currently ranked 5th in Houston lol. Love smash 4, a lot more balanced than brawl imo. What about you? Glad to see you popping up. Now get ya ass back to bfc.
    hows it going man. saw you on the little mac page. im a little mac main from norcaliforna. would love to get some matches against you. i need advice on my mac. my nnid is theta64
    Lets get some practice in when you can. I got everything set I just need a gcc adapter but im pulling through so far with the game pad
    Lmao you're playing with gamepad? Gotta get used to GCN controller before TGC 2! But anytime man. Whenever you're on lemme know. I just got back from NJ today so getting back into smash after a week lol.
    I'm killing it tho with it lol. I'm gonna get some practice in with it today I just don't have the adapter yet can't find it anywhere and I'm not gonna pay 100 bucks for one lol. I'll be set sometime after 1 I gotta do a few things but ill be in the nintendojo chat so let me know here, on the wii u or find me there when your set.
    Lol bet, I believe it. Yeah lemme know. Today I'm a bit busy but I'll get around to playing you. PM me your number, it'll be easier to get in contact with each other.
    Yo dude wat up. I just pre ordered smash for 3ds and am pretty excited. Have not been playing smash at all since I moved out to California.
    Hopefully the 3ds online isn't laggy. I should definetly get your friend code once i get a ds.

    Also whats been up with the brawl scene in tx? Seems like its been dieing down since 2013-2014.
    Has Project M got more popular? Im seeing a lot of tourneys for that ****
    Na Im having second thoughts about dropping him. I was just watching some of the videos from Jersey and tbh I still really enjoying playing him especially against MK. Next time I'm at a tourney I'll just see what I feel like.
    Yep! If it ends early, I would have no problem giving you a ride. But I don't know anyone who would be able to.

    Honestly, I never really last long so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a big deal to drive you back anyways.
    Oh. Well, normally I'm up there fairly late, and I'm entering both events. With HOBO's history, I don't know how early stuff is going to get going and end.
    I drive. But I'm only like 20 minutes away from the venue or so. Why, need a ride?
    Premium membership includes a name change and some other stuff. That's the only way, without an explicit name, we will change for.
    Spinshots, DDPs, grabbing out of spindashes, and learning to be precise with spindash > bair setups.
    um....... whenever we visit our sister again lol

    idk about that lol, that was halberds springbreak, which is why he could go lol
    Well all I can tell you on paper is while you have to nade camp, a large portion of your game has to be reads. You can't give him the impression that he can just pressure you safely, which means a lot of dashgrabs (he's likely to dash-shield to approach initially) and dacus' into him. Edguarding him is the most rewarding part (C4's/mines/Nair) but on the stage it's really frustrating. I recommend watching vids of me or Ally in the matchup to learn as much as possible.
    rotfl, texas and the ONE d3

    man, im garbawj as snake vs d3, my tactic is to go to smashville and camp the platform and never get off it lol

    and that only worked once vs co18

    my bro on the other hand, took a game off co18 on FD with snake, so hes the one to ask xD
    I dont have SS/HG, but i have just about anything one may need in my pearl, whether its items, pokemon, etc.
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