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Recent content by *JuriHan*

  1. *JuriHan*

    Kirby: Ideal Buffs and Changes V4

    Air speed, air speed, air speed... he's too slow! + damage on tilts would help too.
  2. *JuriHan*

    Thoughts on Jiggs in SSBU?

    Low mid at best... if not low tier. Not bottom, but she still has issues and her playstyle isn't particularly strong in Smash Ultimate. Biggest issue is lack of real combos into rest or kill moves (I'd even take smash 64 d-air to u smash), and out ranged by most of the cast. I can see high tiers...
  3. *JuriHan*

    Belmonts' under-stage recoveries worse than Little Mac

    lol I thought maybe I was doing something wrong with them... yeah, they have bad recoveries... I guess to balance out how good their tools are with projectiles and space control with their whip tilts...
  4. *JuriHan*

    Data Zelda’s Smash Ultimate Moveset /Move Viability Discussion: Phantom Slash = Huge Neutral Buff

    Ugh, what did they do to her d-tilt? It feels less safe v shield and lost a lot of follow up utility at early %... any one have any tips on how to use it in this game? Thanks.
  5. *JuriHan*

    Social Sonic Says: Ultimate

    Eeeeew. Didn't know about d-smash. I can understand the b-throw nerf- but u-smash was not warranted. Sure, it was strong- but it required a hard read to land- and if you missed you are left wide open to punishment with all the cooldown it has. You needed a read and to commit- while we have Mario...
  6. *JuriHan*

    Social Sonic Says: Ultimate

    wait, THREE? U-smash, b-throw... what was the third one?
  7. *JuriHan*

    Meta Pokemon Stadium - Mewtwo General Matchup Thread

    EXACTLY my point in my post
  8. *JuriHan*

    Meta Pokemon Stadium - Mewtwo General Matchup Thread

    Let's see... I think this character has some very bad matchups, but some winnable ones. He still has some gaps in his game that's ultimately going to hold him back if they aren't addressed in future patches. -Mewtwo's hitboxes are janky and have some odd deadzones in them. Also, the way they...
  9. *JuriHan*

    Data FINAL: Confirmed 1.0.6 Patch Notes

    Indeed he does turn faster, and it's amazing for his ground game. of course I still rather have a killing b-throw oh well
  10. *JuriHan*

    Data FINAL: Confirmed 1.0.6 Patch Notes

    Yes you are. Still kills well, even early with rage
  11. *JuriHan*

    Changes in 1.06

    I'll start saving replays. It was against a Mewtwo, but maybe he just has a janky hurtbox. I do hope they fixed her... they should of done more...
  12. *JuriHan*

    Changes in 1.06

    lol they didn't do squat to her f-smash, I still have characters fall out of it when I use it. You guys are seriously kidding yourself thinking they fixed it. Nintendo clearly only balances games based off of For Glory stats, and people (read: causal scrubs/the masses) can't stop running into...
  13. *JuriHan*

    Data FINAL: Confirmed 1.0.6 Patch Notes

    Lol this character is still really good and has no issue building damage. B-throw nerf sucks for sure, (edit: It was nerfed pretty bad...) Important thing is it still gets the opponent off the stage so you can either hunt them down with Sonic's strong offstage game or gimp them with a spring...
  14. *JuriHan*

    Tips For Defeating Zelda

    Force her to approach, maintain a lead... etc. She has very limited and unsafe approach options and has to take risks when on the offensive. Also, she is very vulnerable in the air due to being floaty and light. Not playing her ground game gives you an advantage as well. I think a character's...
  15. *JuriHan*


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