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  • Hi. Nice to hear that you could finally play with some frenchies ^^ are there really so many Marths there? Europe doesn't seem like a Marth-heaven to me, it's just that 2 of the tops play him :p my biggest problem is probably getting juggled... and thanks, hope you have fun here. And try to show them who's boss! :D
    The next one will be on 22-23-24th July, but it's in Dijon. Pretty far from Paris lol

    No idea about the next ones. :/
    Hello, you should have checked European boards. ^^;
    There's a Bushido today near the Voltaire metro station.
    11 Cour Debille, 75011 Paris
    Are you housing for HOBO 20, Seiya? Austin has a carpool of five and it's looking for a place to spend just Friday night. Let me know ASAP, please.
    Seiya, do you think you'd be able to house San Antonio for HOBO19?

    At most, we're looking at 5 people.
    Any word on housing? haha. I texted you a while ago but you said you didn't know if you had off yet >_>.
    Seiya, give your buddies PX and Hylian, plus the other Austin people, some housing, mayne!
    Hey I'm not going to have a phone until like mid this week... so if you need to contact me just leave me a message here on smashboards but I'll have a phone again right before I go to HOUSTON so I'll definitely call you and give you some love before I go.



    Just letting you know in case you tried to contact me or something... didn't want my Seiyapoo to get worried. ;)
    We'll see at Houston. IMO you put your mom on the phone!!!!

    I need to see her in person with a valid Texas ID or it didn't happen!
    Hey dude, do you have AIM or MSN? I want to be able to hit on you on more than just texts and smashboards. xD
    lol dude it was SUPPOSED to be obvious thats why i'm lolling so hard

    and thanks alot man you are insanely ****ing cool for doing this, if you ever wanna come down all you gotta do is ask
    lol really????

    haha my bad then lolz

    btw we AREgoing to hobo 16 minimum 5 - 6 max around 10-12
    dude i really clicked with 'courtney' tell her that she is definetely NOT a figment of your imagination, and for the record how can a style be 'trendless' when one is imitating new york fashion/ amy winehouse??

    Although i'll admit you had me fooled for a while, but then i actually thought about it, funny **** man
    thanks for housing us jerk

    I kid I kid

    if you didnt see my shoutout i will repeat for you

    yeah sry it took a year to reply...i just plugged up my n64 recently and started smashin again
    ummm...yeah im all for playin wutever system u got...umm cept i dont have transportation an im only 15
    :(so my parents would prolly be awkward if u were like any older thn 18...lol whack i kno but yeah

    We're all 21, except for my little brother which is 16. We'd all be around that age, yeah.
    We are hoping to stay Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and all of us speak Spanish. We'd leave Thursday afternoon and get there late. It would be awesome if you can help!
    Well... I am going to WHOBO and, well we have nowhere to stay...

    And I don't want to impose and ask if I could get housing with you but, if you can or know of anyone who can or a way to help us, that would be very helpful.

    I would be able to return the favor if you ever came down to the RGV. We're already wasting a lot of money driving and with all the fees so we don't have money to spend on hotels and stuff.

    Which is why I ask for help.

    Thanks in advance... <3
    Yeah hehe. That is why I tell you to post on it so you can subscribe to it. That is where all the RGV people checkfor everything so if you wanted to contact us that would be the best place. And I'll be pwning you at WHOBO hehe.
    Haha Ikki > Seiya sorry :(

    So you said you come down to the valley sometimes right? I sent you the thread to our tournament earlier, you should post in it so you can subscribe to it. That way when you come down you can make it to one of our tourneys. We have one this Saturday, lol.
    That's cool. Check out our thread that way if you ever come down to the Valley you can come down on one of the days we have a tournament. Post on it so you can start getting to know the Valley smashers.


    Oh and.... Ikki > Seiya

    For sure. Keep that thread in your subscriptions so you can find it. Also there are videos there from our last tournament so you can check it out. :)
    Yeah over here the Smash community is pretty good. If you ever come near Brownsville let me know and you can hang out with us and play Brawl. Go to our thread and get to know the players, the one you were in is the wrong one. Then maybe you might want to show up to the next Brawlfest too. :P

    This is it:

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