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  • Sorry dude, unfortunately I won't have enough time to play smash today. We're going into the city, and seeing a bunch of places. I'll be sure to give you Texans more notice when I come down next time. I love the Ripper Roo avatar by the way.
    Hey, Zigsta and I saved like two or three replays on your Wii... Peach vs Bowser - do you think you could UPLOAD EM FOR ME HOMIE G?
    Can't wait to team with you! I'll probably go all dk, if you think of any coolteam combos we could do let me know.
    So are you down for paying the $48 for the hotel? If so then ill get that spot booked
    All the people in your shoutouts have something in common and you have a Spike avatar.

    now that i think about it, its pretty hard to do. But seriously I had more fun playing with you than pretty much anyone else there :)
    I'm not sure. We still need to finalize who drives. My guess though is both Mike2 and I end up driving.
    Well if you have to approach, try to combine using a banana and yourself to corner Diddy. From there, his options are a bit more predictable and punished easier. It's harder trying to punish Diddy on the fly because of how mobile he is overall.

    Overall though, I prefer baiting Diddy to react to something I'm not gonna do, and then punishing him. It's hard to beat him head to head because of his speed and range, but you definitely have the advantage as far as baiting is concerned. Getting farted for whiffing an Utilt is stronger than getting grabbed and thrown away for whiffing a Dair, etc
    I'd also try to face predominantly forwards against Diddy, because Fair feels like a better poke than Bair at least for this matchup. Comes out faster and easier to cancel/less lag.
    The 3 main things Im noticing are:

    1. You are pretty good at catching bananas quickly with aerials, but I didn't see a lot of Z catches or pickups before you landed. You open up a lot of options when you Z catch/pickup bananas. For example, say there is a banana right in front of you, and Diddy has one in his hand waiting to see what you do. You can pick up that one while rising and DJ above him, throw it straight down, and start pressuring him.

    2. When you have a banana in hand, you don't always have to throw it offensively. Using them defensively is very strong. Say you grab a banana, and Diddy comes towards you. You think he will try to Fair you. So you Z drop the banana and airdodge behind it. Unless he times his Fair to catch the banana perfectly, he'll get hit instead and you can occasionally have positional advantage over him here.

    Z dropping in general allows Wario a lot of Freedom. You can Z drop and recatch with an aerial, you can Z drop and recatch with an airdodge, you can just let it drop while you DJ/Position better, etc. I use that option a lot more whenever I play Gnes than throwing it away/at him, because he tends to play fast enough to react properly whenever I throw them directly. So I tend to play a bit more passive with bananas in hand, and wait for him to get impatient and try to Fair or approach me.

    3. You had some trouble recovering. Against Diddy, I'd try to recover as high as possible as soon as possible to avoid his edgeguards. There's just too much risk trying to recover mid level or below usually.

    Other than that, I'd suggest being a little more patient on your offensive strikes. I saw a bunch of times you would get a banana, throw it, and immediately go into your aerial and it would get beat out by Gnes rolling or using a quick counter attack. I'd go in and throw it, and get really close, but save your attack for when he makes a move. If you go in and do that, he fairs, you airdodge, BAM you get a free fart or Fsmash or grab or whatever.
    I could come over to your place I guess, do you ever go to dentis smashfests?

    lmao my title comes from Electromagnetics. The vector magnetic potential is a parameter lmao.

    Its me trying to be a geek.
    Thanks for the offer! However, I think we already have a hotel room with San Antonio which is only like a block away from the venue...appreciate it though! :)
    Red if you want to go to hobo get to my place asap. We don't have to wait till 5 anymore so get to my place ASAP. My info can be found on the front page of dfw thread.
    I don't live on campus, but I'll be at UTA on Tuesday - Thursday and for a little while every Monday. I'll be in and out of the bowling ally tomorrow.
    Not sure yet. Not even sure if I want to go with anyone, since while I'm up there I'm going to go visit my family there before I move.
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