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  • Haven't done a whole lot of experimenting with the bombs, but the biggest plus so far is the greater vertical distance that he throws them, it allows you to get opponents that think they're out of reach because of Link's short jumps. I've actually found TL's new bombs lead to more intriguing options.
    I played off and on through 4th and 5th gen. I hated 4th so much because of how different it felt from 3rd gen. The physical/special split still bothers me, haha. I pretty much only played Trick Room teams because it was the only way to make it fun at all. 5th gen I like though, in all honesty. Not as much as 3rd, but it's at least enjoyable. And yeah, I was bummed about the Drizzle ban as well :(
    I knew it! Hahaha. I kept up with wicked for a good while as well. He actually went to a tournament I made it to a year or two ago, so I was actually able to meet the guy. He hated every moment of the tournament, lol.
    Haha, do you happen to remember... wicked? Or CAM? I can't remember exactly which I remember you from, but I swear I remember your name from one of the servers I hung out in, lol. Might be mixing you up with someone else, though. It's just going to bother me if I don't ask.
    Ok. I have a class tomorrow from 12:30--1:50, after that I'm free for the day.

    658-1930. Text me if you're free to play.
    Yeah, I haven't been giving much notice recently. For my next one, I'm aiming for at least a whole week notice.
    Maybe you should host a smashfest with some more advance notice sometime
    Uhh I fought you man! I was the asian guy in the yellow + gray I played falco like everyone else! :/
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