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  • Hi Oracle, do you have any input on the ZSS and ROB matchups vs. Snake? I think ZSS is +1 for Snake and ROB is +2. .. What do you think?
    Hello Oracle. I noticed that in the most recent pools for LTC, my gt, Squid, was nowhere to be found in the Smash 4 singles entries.
    Ok, my mother Terri Bradley-Poole sent you a message on Facebook reagrding payments, it's should be on your other's folder. Please check it and respond when you get a chance. Thank you.
    Excuse me Oracle, but me and my brother both entered Aftershock next Saturday, and you only put down my brother in the list of entrants. His tag is UpBForvictory and mines BreadSlayer. We paid the venue and you didn't put me down. I have the receipt if you need confirmation.
    Ok, but when we go to the registration page from before to send the money, it only allows us to send 10$ because registrations are closed. Is there an alternative way we're supposed to get the money to you now?
    We need the email address you utilize pay pal with.
    Where do I need to go to get this money to you before the day's over?
    At the last Smash 3ds tourney, you said the next one would be on the 29th, is that still a thing? For smash wii u of course
    Trying to learn from your ROB to make him a threat in the NJ scene. Already watched all your videos several times. Would love to spar/learn from you. Hit me up! @BBechtlez. Bradley D. Bechtle on Facebook. (I'm really serious about ROB+Smash4... so I'll take any advice I can get)
    You made a Game and Watch combo video with ****ing Jojo's Bizarre Adventures music? Marry me.
    Yo can you pm me your number for when Rat and I get there? We should be getting into dfw at around 5:30-6:00.
    Also, add me on Skype.
    I dont really use skype that much lol. Maybe I should start
    You definitely should. My Skype is naturally "Juushichi"
    hey, here's my number. 832 758 9031...I'm not always around a computer, so texting is easier :)
    Yo let me know when you find out if a 3rd person is going to go with you so I can invite someone else if they aren't lol.
    "behind every great man is a greater woman." Donna for pres haha

    you should fly out to Kings of Cali
    nah I have an evening class tonight and then a midterm tomorrow I have to study for. tomorrow maybe?
    So, i havent had internet in like, weeks, so i havent had the chance to send you this. The decklist for Hero Frogs aka Absolute Zero Turbo:

    3x Swap Frog
    2x Treeborn Frog
    2x D Hero Malicious
    2x D Hero Diamond Dude
    3x Caius The Shadow Monarch
    3x Reborn Tengu
    3x Genex Ally Birdman
    1x E Hero Stratos
    1x E Hero Neos Alias
    1x Cyber Dragon
    1x BLS
    1x Sangan

    3x Enemy Controller
    2x D Draw
    3x Miracle Fusion
    2x Super Poly
    1x ROTA
    1x Reborn
    1x Dark Hole
    1x Mind Control
    1x Heavy
    1x Future Fusion
    1x Pot of Avarice

    Extra Deck
    3x Absolute Zero
    1x E Hero Escuridao
    1x E Hero Shining
    1x Chaimeratech Fortress Dragon
    1x Dragon Knight Draco-Equeste
    1x Trish
    1x Brio
    1x Catastor
    1x Blackrose Dragon
    1x Locomotion R Genexx
    1x Scrap Dragon
    1x Formula
    1x Stardust

    Formula is sort of....not useful anymore since i took out certain stuff, can only make it with treeborn+monster reborn.
    Hey, since the topic was closed, I just wanted to say I didn't mean to offend you or anything. : ] I guess if I have a thought, that I shouldn't back down from it.

    heres my reply too:

    "Hmmm, I see. I mean, I would like to see his argument about WHY Forward could be wrong about smash.

    Still, just because he says something in one way, doesn't mean we should as well.

    I mean, I'm guessing he didn't back up his claim, because one wouldn't say something like that unless reacting to a statement closer to an insult.

    Not that he should be insulting others like that either. This goes for anyone, even me."

    So if you want to respond to that, you are more than welcome to. : ]
    Sorry man I was busy all day the past two days @_@

    Do you live up here, or does your girlfriend stay here? At any rate if you are bored in Denton tomorrow my friends and I are free all day :B
    Hey, just curious as to which sprite you're going to submit for WSC 12 so we can move along.
    Rockem is dropping out so you'll be stepping down from your bye to play Cease Tick. Sorry for the inconvenience but this will make the overall tournament run more smoothly.
    Gah. I don't have the patience, nor the motivation to argue with tards like him anymore. Although maybe I will this summer...
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