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  • Sup dood? Long time! Back in Dallas... You still play Melee/PM?
    Kenneth, what uuup!? Man, I moved to Pittsburgh but I visit twice a year. Let's play next time I visit. Sorry about the late response. I havent been on here in ages!
    haha, oh i still play him. ive recently improved with mewtwo to the point where i can djc aerials and be somewhat good so my mr g&w has been sitting the bench as of late. ill be more active =]
    I don't have anywhere to host but Tai said he might be able too. I'll talk to him soon
    So because I'm busy and trying to answer other people's questions, it's okay for you to be obnoxious?
    That doesn't make much sense.

    Usually I try to let people that know what's going on answer the questions rather than have me just guess.
    I had nothing to do with old premium.

    I don't even know if they'll give you your title back.
    I just know it's not my place to mess with it.
    Do the following:
    Stop bothering QueenKillJoy because she was not an admin then.

    Verify that you were a premie with Amorasaki, Scav, or the "mod" that helped you in the past.

    Just inform them of the situation(in a nice manner, so you're treated nicely in return) and present them with your old title.
    That doesn't tell me anything. Be more specific.

    Did you have a premium membership to begin with?
    All is well. I havent played melee in forever though. I'm probably going to a big tourny in Tallahassee pretty soon though. Working on a combo vid for my (brawl) DK.
    ****! Bloodhawk. Come over and get your *** whooped. I want your recorder too, so don't forget it. Much love, dBOX
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