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  • Hey, I have a question about a bad habbit I might have - I love playing meteor shots with dk (mainly Dairs, but a side b or Fair once in a while).
    It rele pays off at my level of play to finish a combo with meteors, but I nearly never see you using it...
    Is it a bad habbit a higher levels? Easy to punish? too obvious?
    I mainly love it because it's extremely satisfying :p
    Will, I always wonder, why are you reluctant to kill with utilt? You seem to go for many grabs, down Bs and up Bs (surprised you're not using cyclone kong) to rack damage, but it takes forever for you to kill sometimes when all you have to do is utilt. Stop Fairing plz. Your Sheik isn't as polished as your DK and since you do so well now with DK, why are you fiddling with Sheik?
    Also, customs were not legal at TCU, and are also not legal in tristate so I don't use Kong Cyclone period =x
    Man Li Gi
    Man Li Gi
    Thank you for clarifying about the customs, fair, and Sheik.
    If you're saying that utilt is unsafe, well so is dsmash (it's notably slower and weaker, which explains the smaller utilization of it in your fights). I just saw many opportunities when utilt was more viable than some of the options you went for. That could be hindsight, but that's my opinion as well.
    Man Li Gi
    Man Li Gi
    Also, custom moves should be legal (but since the game just came out and not everyone has all the custom moves..). I personally believe you should have striked FD ( but since it was Bo5, then I dunno). I'd liked to believe you released/charged fsmash early because of nerves since most people charge for ludicrous times for counter characters or don't charge at all.

    Anyway, you mentioned that we should invest in a LAN adapter. Turns out, it's very difficult to find, and the official Nintendo one was discontinued, so I'm forced to buy it online. I cannot find the official NA version, only the JP version and third party releases. What do you suggest I do?
    Hey Will, this is Hammond from The Come Up in Toronto. Again, fantastic performance. Very inspiring being able to take a character like DK as far as you did. Gives me some hope for my Peach! ^^
    How do you cancel Giant Punch in the air without airdodging????? I have seen you do it!!! I can't manage to cancel needles in the air with Sheik, i assume its the same mechanic as DK. I'm gonna feel dumb if its not and DK's is just easier.
    You sir..... just blew my mind. Thank you so much. Doing bouncing fish is one of the main things i wanted to do out of needle charge anyway so that is super helpful.

    Also up bing out of needle charge will also be nice, because early in this games life(same as with brawl) i from time to time slide off the stage charging needles (which sometimes kills me).
    Although i won't be able to do b reverse aerials in juggle or recovery instances, but that is ok.
    Glad I could help!! =D
    If you team with me at "Get on my level" not only would that be amazing (Will + Bill) and DK teams is amazing in general but I will then proceed to 20$ MM you on stream
    Hey will, want to team for 'Get on my level' (Canada)
    Remember we played when I was with Tin Man?
    Yo Will hope you remember me a little. I wanna play some brawl again and I always loved playin cf vs dk against you :) hope you come to some tourneys/fests im at
    will! go click the midwest tab in tournament listings and look at my tournament thread plz ^__^

    "RETRIBUTION" is the name
    What's up Will? Hey are you still looking for a regular doubles teammate for WHOBO? I play Pit, and I definitely want to do well at this event.
    I'm unable to upload them myself, is there an email I can send them to you through (or the email of someone who can upload them)?
    Hey, I have some replays of yours saved on my Wii from CoT6. Would you like to me to send them to you?
    Hey Will it's dcold, if you ever hear about a smashfest or anything going on in LI or anything I'm down. And vice-versa if I hear something about one too. Just leave a message or something and we can probably set something up
    Will are you goin to Clowsui's tourney? If you are lookin for ppl interested I am 100% down for it. ^^
    Will whats good man? Just got on the boards for the first time in a few months. Still owning it up with DK? Hit me back somtime, later man.
    No problem man. Glad I can Help. I should be tuned in to the livestream tomorrow. 10PM eastern right?
    Yo, I think you played like your whole KTAR5 bracket on my wii lol. Every singles match minus 1 or 2 has you in it xD. Anyway, I got you vs cable so I'll get that uploaded along with the rest of them. Quick question too: there's 2 games of you playing Holy's R.O.B. I'm assuming this is a mm? Or was that tourney?
    Hi Will I had a question for you revolving around your character that I wanted your insight on seeing as how you are one of the few successful DKs out there.
    yo, i have a few of your MM's on my wii. you vs. xaltis(?), tmacc and ally's d3.

    would you like me to record them?
    ayo will ur in da florida hotel room for whobo amirite? les be good ol kong brothers and get some manly mms ;)
    Hey Will, do you know if there's a carpool from LI that can pick me up on the way to that MD/VA tournament?
    Yeah, I honestly think that Giant Punch is the secret to the MU.. like most things. =P
    PSSST! Giant Punch outranges every one of Yoshi's grabs!

    (Ask Judo for how to fight Yoshi; he's the best in the world at fighting him)
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