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  • Oh my god man, they're so ridiculous there. Then again, sadly a lot of character boards are :(

    I mean, you meet someone at a tournament, have a good time, then wanna go talk to him / about him on his character board... and people chastise you like you tried to kill the president or something, lol.

    Thanks for the heads-up though, these days it seems like a lot of character boards have degenerated into troll-fests and nothing but people being rude / not having any sense of humor :(
    Airborne, you should try to see if you could make it to OUGA "Goin' to Game Three" August 20-22.

    i won't be able to chat with yall until i get my comp fixed

    which seems like it will never happen

    I was not on the boards when all this drama broke out about him. Glad I wasn't. I prefer to sit in the Ivory Tower that is that GDorf boards. We know -exactly- where we sit on the tier list, and we also know we won't be banned any time soon.
    hey, you should get on aim in about 2-3 hours. got to go to a doctors soon, but i want to chat.

    my aim is
    it's ok i here that often xDD
    you mean the mk JUDGE from the i think midwest right?^^
    As long as you don't turn into a Yoshi second, it's fine. =P

    Don't succumb to the dark side of the tier list.
    Jab to Dash grab= wut

    They really do make you want to punch a baby.
    Especially since you both are high leveled players. ;)

    There might've been 3, but I had Homecoming that weekend. :/
    Why didn't you enjoy it? :(
    Lawl. HadesBlade whooped my *** on Wi-fi. I don't know how we'd do offline though. ;)
    I can't seem to get the Edge egg toss down. :/
    *sigh* I understand. Wi-fi can be rather frustrating to put up with at times. :p
    Um, okay? I remember SOMEBODY said it, I'm sorry if it wasn't you. I didn't really mean anything by it, if you're mad or anything. >.>''
    So I'm 90% sure I'm going to Cincinnati this weekend. Pretty much only an act of God or Zeus of whatever will stop me, so see you there.
    lol Yoshi is legit though, I play him too. I just need to find matchups where I actually want to play him over ICs, or at least stages. So far I have vs Ness on Norfair, which doesn't happen very often : /

    Yoshi forever :D
    Haha, poor sentencing on my part. Me and SL were talking of going to pound 4, and I may try and make it to lexington.
    I was just talking to SL recently about going. Looks like my chances are fairly decent to good for the event. I'm also gonna try and make one of these events, hopefully we'll finally be able to play.
    haha dude u posted in ur profile. but if ur down to play now i'm ready. message me on aim: daznfinesse
    :yoshi: I've had plans to go in the works since July.

    I hope they work out.

    I didn't know Bigz was going, though; that's a surprise. I hope you all can make it.
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