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  • Yea man im def down to team im a pretty good falcon nd i've heard your real good to =D so yea lets do it!
    nice... the problem is i think my gf may be pissed at me cuz of money issues if i take off and go up there. it depends how much money i make this week and next week.

    i dont wanna take up a spot when im not 100% tho, have u talked to DOH? i know he wanted a ride.

    if i can afford it and a spot is still open closer to the date i'll take it, but i don't wanna risk ****ing someone out of a ride by reserving a spot im not 100% on
    there's a good chance. i'm not 100% sure ill have the money by then, but the ONLY way i'd be able to go is if i got a ride, public transit is way too much.

    did a spot open?
    Hey i saw ur conversation with chudat and i was wonderin wat day is the tournament cuz 1 post says its today and another says its tomrrw
    My mom said I can't get a ride from anyone she doesn't know:ohwell:. I hate being 15. I'm still going but I want to get to know the communtity so I can get rides instead of going with her. If I don't I won't be going to many tournys this year.
    ^_^ Yay! i'm finally not going to be a scrub anymore! yeah, i live in laurel. Allright, I'll make sure i can go and all of that tomorrow, then I'll pm you my adress and number. thanks.
    sorry to bother you again, but I seriously can't find his acount T_T Is it under a different name?
    You can come around 7 and stay until midnight I think. You can stay later we'll just have to not be so loud. As long as you have a ride here and back lol
    Thanks for the invitation. I heard from LOLmaster A.K.A. Wendel about a Tourney in south Jersey. You must be a friend of his?
    Im overseas at the moment, am supposed to come back on the 6th. If you know of a good place to play some smash, like at a game center or somthing like that, that may be a good place to meet. I do not have AIM but I do have MSN, I can send you a pm if you want.
    Dude, what is your deal? Attacking me out of nowhere on the SPOC thread and then making little pot shots afterwards. I could care less if you don't like me, but do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself. Everybody makes posts that some people don't understand. Stop thinking you're so high and mighty and above everyone else. Especially stop thinking that you're better than me, because let me tell you, you're FAR from it. I see random crap from you and other people I know on the boards. It's no different, and in fact WORST than stuff I post. Mainly because I don't go out of my way to start nonsense. Enough is enough. Squash it, and be done with it. I'll tell you this, Shakugan was rather insulted after reading your post the first time. He thought after you made the needless insulting post in the SPOC thread to me; you were going after him. Think about that for a second.
    oh aight jus checkin cuz I come down to upper marlboro to visit my sis and Bowie is like 20 minutes away, I was gonna say lets play sumtime.
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