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  • Yeah my friend and I got the Dazzle Capture Card Plus. Any "Dazzle" capture would work, really. That's the brand I was recommended to buy anyway. I'm sure you'll find some good deals on Ebay. Good luck! ^^;

    Oh and yeah I am from Bermuda. Its an awesome place dude, especially in the summer. I'll be in Canada next year January for University though. So hopefully I'll meet some new smashers. Where are you from, dude?

    Yeah if you wish, just add me on MSN and we can chat. I enjoy talking with smashers all around the world.
    Oh hey. I do, but most of them are outdated. If you search "marthskillz" you will find my youtube page and vids. My friend and I just got a capture card and all the necessary cables. Now all we need is a new laptop, which we are getting in June, to record the vids onto. So in June, not only will we have more vids, but they will be better then my current ones in quality and skill level.
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