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  • Man people are way too nice to you. You're lucky the Smash community isn't the Halo or Street Fighter community.
    It would be very much appreciated if you posted in the pound donations thread about how much the venue costed. IT would really help

    Also, it does look rather suspicious that you have been on the boards but ignored that thread when people started asking questions. I'm not saying you stole anything, but PLEASE post in that thread.
    "local tournaments for specific winners of P5 who didn't get their money"
    Is a GREAT idea! Doing what the community knows you best for to help the winners would be a very good job, so instead of a donation-gala, do a charity tournament where some of the entry is for Pound5 donations...
    Hey man. I think you should make a topic noting your progress on getting the winners money back in any way possible.

    I think you should post more so people can see you are being visible. Hey, you made a mistake. I'm guessing you are stressing on how to find ways to get the money, but ask for help, be proactive! If people notice you are being proactive and effortful about your misfortune you might be able to get this over with.

    Tl;DR : Post more. Be visible. Post a topic about your progress in getting the winners paid. Patch things up. Matt says it will blow over, but you have to put the effort (and I'm sure you will) before it can blow over.

    Ideas: Fund raisers, local tournaments for specific winners of P5 who didn't get their money, etc.

    Anyways, I wish you good luck.
    Dear Plank,

    This will blow over. Those who don't understand your situation aren't worth listening to. You ran an amazing event, and if you need any financial support with either getting back on your feet or paying out players please feel free to ask me.

    also, i might have short changed you 30 bucks for teams for pound money, i had to get all my hotel money in cash from the other guys so it got all mixed up

    let me know if this is an issue
    Hey I'm here at the hyatt regency and strongbad hasn't answered my text if your setting stuff up ATM want some help?
    Hey posting here to see if you can arrange a ride for us Texas guys back to DCA airport at 3 to 3:15ish since our flight leaves at 4:39 pm on Monday. It'd be six of us or maybe 7. We could get a cab as a last resort, but just trying to see if we can get a ride before hand to make things easier. Thx :)
    my name is "Strongbad" on the pound 5 pools page.
    u need to fix this in the Tio file & on the pound 5 pools page if possible. tio file for sure though.

    i am so adamant about my name being right ok
    What's the policy of recording? Can I bring my own setup to record matches that I want? Not tournament, like bracket, but friendlies.
    meh, i hope you don't get super spammed here too...

    summonedfist and tect are both from ontario (same province). and cyran/summonedfist/tect is also probably too hard of a pool for round 1. i see a lot of other pools that would be more balanced if one of the lower seeds in them were switched with any of these three. afaik cyrain and tect are better than summonedfist though, if that helps.

    just to make it easier, these people are all from EC canada:
    me, KK, raynex, unknown, sanuzi, sauc3, jpobs, summonedfist, weon-x, ministry, riddlebox, acidile, reggie, tect.
    who do we talk to about pools conflicts? pool 9 for melee has weon-x and ib, the three of us play all the time

    thx :)
    Hey Plank, Nicknyte Again. Like stated before, I wont be able to be there at the start of the tournament until I arrive at the airport at 2:10pm. I am sorry for this inconvience, but I'd say I would tell you before the tourney. Thank you.
    Yeah, I reread my message and decided that had a lot of room to be misinterpreted so I changed it to be a little bit safer.

    But I guess that happens sometimes, I'll just have to do it the normal way then.
    Is there anything about "waiting until the end of the tournament to upload videos", or can I upload them as they go along?
    So I was reading that thread about live streaming, and so I'm assuming that it's more than likely not going to happen?
    Do you know how it works, and if I should set it up for Pound, and if I can have that and recording going on at the same time?
    Plank, I have a proposal. :0

    You said you didn't have the budget to pay people for security, right? I'll still cover 10-12 Saturday and Sunday in exchange for a spectator pass.
    Hey Plank, my hotel room kinda fell through at the last second. Can you see what you can do about getting me some kind of housing?
    For Pound V, I'm entered in doubles now (it's already updated) and I'm teaming with Mekos. Since I'm arriving around 11:15-11:20, would we be DQ'd first round since the page says Pools start at 11:00? I know there's leniency for smaller tournaments, but with this being a national I figured you would want things to get done asap.

    Please let me know about it as soon as you can. I registered as "Amethia" for doubles as well
    Hey Plank. What's up? I registered a couple days ago and my name is not on the updated list. I know you're busy and stuff but i really don't want to miss this tourney haha. Plz let me kno. Thanks alot.

    P.S. I entered as Trikrome from SFL for melee doubles and single.
    I might be teaming with somebody but I already registered for just singles. How would I go about adding dubs to that?
    D: it's all good lol. Either way, hope the attendance is high enough and everything runs smoothly.
    hey Plank, this is extremely last minute and it seems like the job is already taken, but out of curiosity, are you still in need of/hiring security for Pound?
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