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  • Last little bother before Pound I promise.

    But Got1 is no longer able to go and he sold his registration to Ether. Could you change the name on the registration?
    I think I should have another set of Y splitters to use. If not don't sweat paying me back for them. They're cheap. Haha.
    For the projector I'm bringing we're gonna need 3 Y splitters. If you have any laying around or whatever just let me know. If not I'll go get some. They're only like 2 bucks each at Wal-Mart.
    yo I saw the color things for the names about the regions. mine is white for MD/VA area and I am from NJ. just wanted to get that cleared up just so nothing is confused if it is important.
    Hey Plank, I have a bit of an issue regarding the ownership of one of the registrations. I need to talk to a few people but:

    A) would it be possible to change the owner of the entry fee (since I paid for it anyway)

    B) If "A" is possible how long would you give me to get back to you?
    Plank whats good bro.

    Me, my boy Enz0 and DA Rafa want to register for Pound but don't have the money yet. My taxes are about to come in. Is there a possible way to allow us to register in about 8 days?
    Jon what's good with security shifts? I know u got me down for one but do you need more covered? Holla~
    Thanks a ton for that. I'll be trying to get the rest of the stuff together, so please keep me posted on what happens with that. Thank you for that.
    Heyo, stranger!

    I have a bit of a problem. I want to keep the doors open for going to Pound V, but I was forced to wait for my tax returns. I just got them today after I walked in the door from work, but suddenly found out I don't have all the necessary information for my maximum return, which is a possible deal-breaker for going. >.<

    Is there any way I can get a bit more time to register, or is this it, no chance?
    if two people have registered for singles separately but just decided to team today how would they go about that?
    Oh I wasn't planning on entering anything else. Probably just gonna run Project M friendlies in a corner somewhere. Thanks though.
    Can people do spectator registration at the door?

    Do I need to register too or will you have a TO badge for me?
    yo sorry for bugging you so much about this =/ i know ur busy and all atm especially because registration ends soon. but I just need to know when can I expect a refund? will it be after pound? thank you for the help =]
    Okay, we'll also be bringing our own Television, so that should work out pretty well I hope. Really looking forward to it!
    We have a TV with output ports, a double sided cable, and laptop with software that captures it. It should work just fine, we use it here without any problems.
    We have a dazzle video recorder, would you like us to bring it with us?
    I don't know what you have as far as recording devices, and so either option is fine.
    Thanks a lot!
    Thanks bro a lot bro. Just making sure.

    Also I can get that projector for Pound.
    Hey a guy named Brian is suppose to transfer a Melee registration to Cyrain. I don't know if he did that yet or not. But he told me he would have told you when he did.

    Can you check for me prewwwwwzeeE?
    Plank, I sent you through paypal Tiger's double's fee and you put her under spectator for that. That was her double's fee and I previously paid for entry and singles.
    Plank, I signed up Tiger for just brawl singles, but she wants doubles too and gave me the money for me to pay pal it. Which option do I choose since she's already paid venue and singles? Add teams?
    Why doesn't my name say singles and dbls next to it?? I paid for both =/ I'm just asking in case it messed up. If you just forgot to put it in well...i tells you :D
    Hey yo, I wouldn't mind hosting some .html pages for you like the I did for the Apex rulesets for Brawl and Melee. It can be whatever rules you want, just lmk =)
    Shaky decided he's not sure if he's going to #.
    if he doesn't, is there any way to get a refund, or do I need to find a teammate?
    Hey I would like to get the security shift from 6 AM until 10 AM on Sunday. =]

    Also, you previously told me the last time to get the hotel was the 21st of January? Is it the 21st or the 15th?
    I heard the 15th was the last day to register at a discount for hotels?

    also how many pool captains do you have/need?
    It has been too long, I missed the community a lot but its very different now xD. I'm thinking about it going, but no guarantee at this point.. Why's this your last event??
    not tryna bug or nothin but just tellin u again im willing and would like to if at all possible help out with the tournament.

    whether it be helping with pools or security or whatever.

    il b4 there 4 sure, registered and ticket already purchased.
    Any idea on the Pound schedule yet? I've spoken to a lot of people who are going to be signing up after Christmas/New Years but to take off work for the Brawl portion and such a few of the older players were asking for a schedule. Obviously I think Brawl(minus any possible side events) should aim to be Sat n Sun since we have a younger crowd but what did you have in mind?
    Maaaad Hyped 4 pound Bro...We gotta chill and listen to some crazy ****e!!!!
    Would you mind if I did some sort of video for this? I'm just thinking about it now, but there's this music that makes me want to do it. I was thinking of about a 3 minute video showing footage of the last four Pound events.

    Is that okay?
    btw, did you make an account on smashmods, ill add you to PMBR if you have
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