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  • Hey warriorknight, I'm making a hacked melee disk and I was wondering if you still had you captian falcon ranger textures, the download links on the texture hack thread are all 404'd, if you can get back to me that would be cool
    Hey I'm back, will get to explaining the colour stuff asap. I found your youtube channel, you got some pretty sweet textures there. Wonder if you'll ever release those?
    Hey WarriorKnight, the downloads for the hacked Mush Kingdom texture and the Yellow Brawl Fox aren't working for me. For the Mush King it shows as Milun's original, and Yellow Fox shows as a black and white Fox.

    Anyone else have issues? Care to test?

    yeah the yellow brawl fox isnt working for me either...
    i already let him know in the other texture thread
    just letting you know
    Yo, next time we at a smashfest lets play a few games LOL

    And your hacked melee was the ****en **** bro.
    Lol i remember your bowser and its **** *** mindgames. If you were to come back, we teaming for sure. :)
    oh ****, i just seen this lol. my bad. I went over there. Me and DJ teamed Double bowsers for melee and brawl.
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