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  • yo nube! :D
    Just saw your post on my profile, I haven't been very active on the boards lately, I know... :/
    Pretty busy with stuff, school, life in general. But it's always cool to see the hacking boards here and how it's all progressing. Hope life's good for you
    Hi nube !
    Can you please tell me the offsets to change C.Falcon down-b color and Fox Up-B color ?!
    Thank you very much !
    hey, check the melee hacks thread. Then either shoot me a PM or shoot me a message on AIM (prefered so we can have a conversation)
    I'm able to play the games on my wii (thanks to a ton of help from SleepyK) but I dunno anything else from there.

    Sleepy told me he'd make me a copy of melee so I stopped caring though he never got back to me on it lol.

    The entire process though really confuses me and I probably have to re-dl the files I need since I lost them when I upgraded my OS =/
    Aww, man, forcing my lazy behind to check through/erase all those messages. XD
    No prob, no prob... Cleared. Pardon that. :)
    Haha np np. I can understand it =D

    Anyway, I'll try to keep you posted. Just keep your fingers crossed xD
    Its going through deliberation you just have to wait a bit before I can say for sure if its gonna happen or not.

    I'll let you know first if it does or doesn't happen though.
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