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  • Are you still active by chance? And if so, could a BF remake be made (just like your other stage remakes)? I've found standard definition remakes of all stages except BF, and I'm going to upscale them all for a future release of the Melee HD texture pack.
    Hey really appreciate the work you do, I noticed there's no listings of audio file, so I made one and I'm more than willing to give it to you as you'll do a better job getting it out there, it contains the song name and its hexadecimal value so newer melee modders can have an easier time knowing what song they are changing. Lemme know if your interested :D
    Welcome back to the Melee Workshop! also It`s been a while since posted your latest video on Youtube so post more videos plz!
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    Thank you! No promises, but I'll think about it :)
    Aren't you going to let Melee HQ ake progress?
    Even if no, many people would like you to upload only texture files you have already completed.
    I signed the petition for Mewtwo's revival in the fourth installment of Smash. Thanks for the link.
    Have you by chance made a texture hack of Milun's Metal Mushroom Kingdom...to be well...more like Metal Mario's stage?

    Also, I can't seem to be able to change the background of this stage successfully. Does it not work like other _9 textures?
    Interesting, extracting textures will be new for me. lol

    Thanks. You sure you don't want to help out with stuff in SD Remix? I definitely understand if you don't want to be obligated and would prefer to pursue your own interests though. I dig that. :)
    I'll look through it but you should work with us also. it'd make things so much easier on him since I just had a crash course in how to edit hex.
    plus it'd be fun
    aww :( I am trying to fix my prob with the wifi thing but I can't seem to get any sucess.
    hi there, would you like to try again the trade thing? in the negociations area? with the "specifics" you gave me?
    wait, I remembered something, there's no way to see him in Pokemon white so I don't have him in the Pokedex so that I can't GTS search him.

    Maybe in the negociations thing?
    I have an idea, deposit the bird and ask for a tepig, and connect right away and trade it to you. IN the GTS
    the thing is that it has happened to me only in that room, since I trade in the GTS all the time :/
    My connection comes from my bro's Open mobile wifi thing, and I only use it for the DS. Which is pretty good :/ so idk

    so my computer is not involved I think
    I got communication error when you are the one hosting the trade, when I am hosting you dissapear
    yeah, I need that pokemon, this is my friend code 4255 2879 5773

    IDK what pokemon you need? Rufflet?

    I also have the 3 starters at Lv 1

    God finally I got them after waiting for for days

    Thank you man
    Well I was afraid of this.

    Same thing happened when I tried to trade yesterday. Apparently the servers lag horribly when a new game comes out :/
    I don't see you

    Make sure it's in the middle room because the Union Room is only for those who have 2 DSs right next to each other
    How bout right now then? My FC is 1334 7156 0627

    I'll be waiting in the Wi-fi room for you to trade

    Btw, do you have a Rufflet? I'd gladly trade you one for something, I just REALLY want one
    Yes I do. A bit late though because I finally beat the game, but yeah I still need help >.>
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