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  • I feel dumb cuz you asked about a rarity plush and I haven't looked at that thread in a while xD

    That's my etsy shop.
    Right now i'm doing a 12x12 plush and it's going to be rarity. The bigger one is obviously going to cost more BUT you can get the smaller ones like fluttershy for cheaper and i can just make it rarity instead

    The body patterns are relatively the same and i just change the hair patterns and eyes and cutie marks but the ponies are all similar body wise :-p aside from horns or wings but that's easy~
    Gotta pay for it somehow!
    Sometimes I hate our rules because it stops me from making the jokes I want.
    Nope. I'm still at the range, and we'll be busy the rest of the day. :(

    Also my mom is more than a bit paranoid about me meeting up with online friends. While perfectly understandable, it's still a bit annoying at times, heh.
    I am extremely busy at a shooting competition, and I don't have time to really go anywhere. :(
    Wait, you're in Tucson? I've been here since Wednesday, lol.

    We can't meet up, though. :(
    SJC was Shonen Jump Championship. It was a series of massive monthly tournaments held by Shonen Jum p and Upper Deck Entertainment.

    Check out yugioh wikia. It's actively updated and pretty accurate.
    SJC? I don't know the terms that well, lol. Are you talking about the Agents that had that Heaven field card? Can you link me to a site where I can look more into them?
    Hey bro, I randomly saw that you said you were good at Yugioh? Is that true? How did you place in tournaments when you went? I'm mainly asking because I was not that good, but I was always curious as to what happened with that game. I used to try to play a Fairy(Light) deck...is that viable in today's metagame? Did the Fairy's get stronger at all?

    u were banned lol, so I left this here

    The time it takes to get from one side of tucson to the other I can drive through SEVERAL STATES on the east coast. The time it takes to get from the middle of Tucson to the middle of phoenix is even greater than that.

    For someone who doesn't have a car, smashing with local players, let alone Axe who is a 3 HOUR DRIVE (remember, I don't have a car.) is a difficulty.

    Just because you can read a ****ing map doesn't mean you understand how ****ty our transportation system is, or that hardly any of our smashers even have a car, or how busy most of our smashers are!
    LOL, na I understand. Ive had talks with Tim and Davis about AZ.

    WA is similar lol, except we have a decent public transportation system, but the southern region, and eastern half are completely separated from the northern and middle portions. any of the notable smashers in WA live between seattle and tacoma, which is roughly an hour distance....actually closer to 40 minutes, and like 5 ppl drive lol. and we dont have a location for tourneys other than gameclucks which is north of seattle and hard to bus to. So while I dont think we are as spread as you guys when it comes to random smashing but tourney wise its fairly weak for us up here.

    sandbagging happens, and its not intentional Im sure of it lol. Local tournaments for good players tend to mean a lil bit less because they cant pretend to feel pressured. You cant really just turn max effort off and on. its a chemical thing in the brain that really hypes ppl up like that.
    Hey, is your situation any better? I remember hearing about you being homeless a while back. :(
    3525 1327 4611

    One sec; need to restart comp to reset connection, I'll meet in the room once this thing's up again, haha.
    Hey Rubyiris find me at Pound 5, we'll have a friendly or two, and I'll tell you a pretty funny short story involving that Falco player Dope.
    Yeah there is footage. There isn't an error message either. I just click create movie and then I save the movie and nothing happens.
    Oh yeah I worded that terribly. Lol. Anyway I was trying to ask how to make the edited clips in to a movie so I can post it on youtube.
    Yo, do you use a dazzle with pinnacle 12 editing software? If you do can you tell me how to make everything you editing into a movie.
    hi, rubyiris.

    i guess i'm pretty bad LOL
    though i wouldn't judge a player solely on vids, haha.
    I saw the thread you posted. I don't dislike you, and people who dislike someone for stating his or her mind just need to grow up a little. Maybe you aren't perfect, but no one is; you're not an attention hog or anything from what I've seen.
    I also say "kill yourself" all the time.
    The thread got closed while I was typing, but this is what I was going to write in response to WayneBruce's last post:

    Dude, you joined the forums like a month ago. Chill out. He didn't accept advice in the past that well, sure--but he wants to change that. Don't you realize that whether or not you accept him basically determines whether or not he changes? Think about it: If you reject him now, he goes back to being the same Ruby, except maybe a bit more depressed. But if you accept him, while still encouraging him to change, he not only changes for the better and will probably grow as a player in the future--but will also make some very necessary progress just merely as a human being.

    I can relate, honestly. I've been through a heck of a lot in my life, and after becoming a Christian needed to become a completely different person. But no matter how much I changed and tried to be a better person--I was always rejected in the church. Even now there aren't many people who are really my friends there. I wanted desperately to break out of my shell, but it was hard after having to do so much to even change morally, let alone personally. No one was really willing to help me work through all that. Finally I became friends with one of the brothers in our church, Eduardo, who was converted about nine months ago. He and I clicked instantly, and he saw the needs that I had, and beneath all those, that there was a lot that I had to offer as a human being to the church. Through a lot of the time he's given up for me, he's helped change me a lot. He sees me as probably one of the most righteous people our age--his only hesitation in saying the most is that he doesn't know everyone. Likewise, he sees that I've got a heck of a lot to offer in the way of wisdom and insight. But despite all that, I don't function socially that well in the church (outside the church I can function really well, oddly enough), due to being rejected for such a long time, and he's committed to helping me work through that despite its difficulties.

    I think Ruby is very much the same way. He's obviously a very intelligent guy. I think there's a lot he has to offer to the smash community both personally and in the metagame. But he won't be able to do that if you guys keep shoving him away, or at best basically telling him to suck it up and get over it. Like that's going to help someone in his situation? You've been telling him that in all his threads. If there's no progress, you try a different approach. Stupidity can be best shown when you try the same thing multiple times and expect different results. You see, the thing is that he's never going to get past this until someone stops and just cares about him. Not just as a player, but as a person. He definitely has a ton to offer, and you guys need to realize that. But even if he didn't, he's still a human being, and deserves to be loved and appreciated if for only that fact alone.
    I didn't notice before but we are the same age. How about that. Except I'm a few months older.
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