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  • I have a confession, and I think you're the only one who can put my mind at ease.

    You're the closest thing I got. usually I don't receive a response when I pray, but you seem more tangible.

    So, can you help me?
    That wii was awesome! I'm trying to figure out how to hack melee, but I suck at this kind of stuff so =/

    I want red side-bs and green fox lazers with blue falco ones. <3
    ah that's cool. ^_^
    who were you? I'm terrible with names but I do well with characters/ specific matches.
    I heard through someone that you were coming to memphis tomorrow.

    My number > 901-496-5240
    Call me or IHSB to smash, and we'll both be there.
    I scoffed because I thought you were saying strength is not affected by genetics, and then because you were incorrectly using the definition of heritability :urg:

    How'd we get into this in the first place anyway?
    (breaking this up into two responses for continuity!)

    "This is my point: genetics determine factors that help determine strength. They do not determine strength itself."
    Here is the issue. You're taking heritable to mean something that is completely determined by genetics. A heritable trait doesn't have to be something that is 100% controlled by genetics. A heritable trait is one that has some level of genetic control, which is exactly what you said:
    "Strength is a not a "heritable trait" in the biological sense. It is complexly determined by many things, some being genetically determined and some having strictly to do with the environment of an organism."
    It is precisely a "heritable trait" in the biological sense. What you said is exactly the definition of heritable. A heritable trait can be complex and affected by environmental factors. Studying heritability lets us tease out how much variation is due to genetic vs environmental factors.
    Most traits, including intelligence and strength, are heritable; that just means there is some level of genetic control, which is exactly what you said.

    Anyway, I had a whole giant "post" prepared with more links and stuff, but then I re-read what you just said and realized we've been agreeing on that major point the whole time :urg: The mixup is just in your understanding of the term "heritable"/"heritability"/"heritable trait".

    On the bright side, that thread is one of the first results that pops up on Google when searching for muscle strength and heritable traits :bee:
    I have no idea ;_;
    I haven't heard anything from anyone. The only people who are planning things out are the Brawl players lol.
    Tallahassee and Albany have tourneys every now and then. And there is the Panhandle Smash for North Florida.
    lol, i didn't read the page the first time, just the snipped from google. apparently, that's a 2004 date. but it's a wed so idk. u should email the school
    hey dude, when's the next time you're going to waba. i was supposed to go last time but couldn't get a ride to save my life!
    come to Canada and i'll MM you for my trust fund.

    your sheik is trash man. seriously. All 6 of my characters would at minimum 2 stock you. I've beaten better sheiks with my game and watch.
    i'm trying to go but it's not a certainty just yet. but yeah, we should definitely play at the monthly seeing as we didn't at kazoo's :(.
    Hah, just to get 4-stocked by m2k would be amazing

    Sorry, did I say 4stock? I meant JV5

    We've only got this big thousand pound tv, we might be able to bring it, but it would be difficult to even get it into the venue =/

    we'll see
    I played you a couple weeks ago at waba. i was the guy with teh du rag. that seems to be the only way people remember me lol. when's the next time you plan on going to waba?
    Hey cool post in the "Digging My Own Hole" topic. You should stop by my blog sometime! http://foreverchristianblog.com/

    I try to update ever other day or every three days at most. Sometimes I slack off because of vacation and what not. But you should stop by!

    Thanks. Zjiin made it for me. I didn't even know he was making it, but since he did I have no choice but to rock it.
    Ok I asked my mom about it, and we were planning on spending the weekend at the condo during then
    I asked if we could take 2 cars, and split there halfway, me drive up to atlanta and them go to the condo, but she doesn't trust me in "atlanta traffic"
    I dunno, I'm pretty sure I could handle it
    But then she said that maaaaybe it would be possible for us to go see you guys instead of going to the condo, and she would have to talk to aunt jan about it

    Have you talked to her about it?
    I want to go soooo bad

    It's a longshot, but it depends when it is

    lemme check the thread real quick
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