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  • lol I wrote b_____________ because the b lets me use all caps and the _____________ gives me 10 chars.
    Unfortunately not, I'm at the beach until Wednesday. I'll almost definitely be there next week though.
    good idea... No one even believes him... and he has never even left Europe.. lol, I give up..
    no I'm not. It looked like everyone who was going to Waba today is a brawl n00b.. plus I haven't started my christmas shopping yet.
    Well I can't go tomorrow because family, but I'm willing to bet at least one person there would play melee with you. Might wanna ask in the thread.
    It's because Falco and Marth don't look quite as gay as d-throw techchase F-tilt Fair, although in the end they basically are.
    I think its mostly just dthrow is different.. and then international sheiks talk it up to try and get sympathy.
    lol. I was just watching amsah john.
    He thinks the peach match-up is hard.. I'm gonna post now..
    I can play tomorrow afternoon/evening after I get off work. Otherwise, I have work in the evenings the rest of the week and then I am going up to Huntsville to meet with professors at UAH on Thursday and Friday. If not tomorrow, then Saturday or Sunday could work.
    If you get this message today and still wish to partake in smashing, my number is 205 807 4158.
    1815 Polo Court

    I'm free around 4, so anytime after that.

    More information may show up in the Alabama thread, so check there.
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