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  • Hey man, just got your message from last year LOL! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I haven't played smash in a while but I'm getting that itch again to play some melee.
    do you know if there is a smash scene in pensacola/wherever we are going to over break?
    It's be fun if some people could come over or we could go somewhere. I hope you still play melee btw.
    Ah, I see. Yeah, I make mistakes like that too, but you can copy+paste and deleted it haha.

    But yeah man, keep repin. I want to get good, you know... I'm practicing EVERYTHING, no questions asked. Some things are like, sure you don't need it, but I'll still practice that, like power shielding. I already got the Upb cancel down, and the shbawd. Practicing the power shield... and.. uh, target test haha.
    Well, don't worry about that man. I'm sure they are better than me too, but I hope to still be great. And stuff. lol. Also I noticed you talking about M2k. (you commented on your own pro lol) and I'm near new jersey. Hahaha, I think thats where he's at.
    hey, if you have a tv or set up make sure to bring it up. I have a set up but no tv. And if you bring a set up and tv you can get door fee waived.
    Hey whats up man? How are you holding up? Representing Doc for us down in Fl? Hope your practicing. I want to be great... But who am I kidding. :/

    Anyways I'm going to this Spoc thing, so hopefully I can get some smash in haha.
    man wat a dumb thread that was. And I got an infraction whic I didn't deserve..

    Anyway can you maybe come to Tipped Off 5? I'm almost positive I can go, it's in Atlanta, and there's a group from Florida going (I think). I don't know if you know the guys coming up very well, but we could do doubles or something. And you could stay at my house, and maybe a few other FL guys could too.
    haha yea i know Andy but this isn't him. My name is Daniel also, so its funny Andy said he was "gray fox" i guess. he just wishes he was as good as me lol. Yea Andy just graduated in may, and i'm a rising senior so i'll have graduated by the time you get to Ringling. But good luck, if u ever have any questions about Ringling and stuff u can message me too. later
    rly? i dont remember playing much at precollege. who did i use? are an upcoming freshman? it'd be cool to play some if things don't get too busy.
    Not at all. I used to be able to play pretty well, but now that I play fox, I can't wavedash with him without a conscious effort. And jumping out of your shines doesn't really help you much. So I'm pretty bad with him..
    I've never entered a tourney yet, I just play all the people there. I use it as a gamer tag though, but I always introduce myself as Peter.
    In other news I went to Smash or Die 7. Got beat by about 5 people really bad, went almost even with 2. I've realized that I hate playing c. falcon cause when he grabs fox.. your dead. Have you been to any more tournies lately?
    i would have been there for the whole thing but polmex was being a little ***** and never picked me up
    Yeah that kinda thing. Although, its mostly for my dad, since my mom wants to break free from his doctors, and stuff. (he has Diabetes)

    But yeah, I hope its a good thing. I'm leaving this Friday. Wait did I say that already? lol.

    But yeah man, I'll keep in touch, and I hope if I do well, that I'll be able to travel down here.
    Hey bro, sorry. I'm already on the move, so I won't be able to attend. I'd go if I could, tho.

    How you been?

    (I'm moving to Philadelphia)
    god man i wish i was at wato6 polmex screwed me over again and im so pissed because your one of my favorite smash people seriously imma give polmex a concussion
    you betta or imma come over there and stomp on your face repededly ;)

    but for real if u cant make it its alright
    Yo whats up Man? How have you been? I got an interview for a job! YAY. Of course, we should play some more melee again. : D You are practicing right? (I practiced a little) Still I'm getting a lil bummed.
    waitaminute if your real name is daniel then i dont have to call you dity d anymore
    i can call you dity dan!
    my gc was broken, just got a new one, started playing last weekend. First, the lag on hd tvs is annoying as anything. second, I could hardly l-cancel a thing, and my wavedashing sucks. Third, I lost my memory card, so I have to start over with my other one. And school is absolutely ridiculous. It's what I should be doing now =).
    Oh right. ^^; Yeah, I'm probaly gotta practice too. xD *goes to practice my tech skill as well, and trying upbcancel, which is hard*

    Also I'm gonna look up character match ups. :]

    Well, I won't be on the computer today, so I'll see you tommorow, hopefully. : D I'll be up and ready by 8:30 : D

    Yeah, you are right, which is also why we friendly all the OTHER people, but we fight each other first, then practice teams too. :]
    Haha, same here. Man, and theres gonna be so much people there, I think we'll need the friendlies. : D
    LOLOL More names: Doc-Q-Lace. (XD Thats the actual name of a medicine) ;
    Metoprolol. haha
    Lol well you should check out my about me thingy just a lil mini rant about me not being an axe murderer and how I just want to smash. xD Ttyl bro xD
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