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Thee Incubus
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  • I'm that kid you teamed with at rx's place a while back

    I wanted to apologize for stealing your stock lol
    i live in ocala its a little far up north from orlando, 30 mins south from gville and probably like 1:30 north from orlando. yeah but well definitely get some in and hopefully we'll be able to hog a TV if we win enough lol
    ouch, lol. hopefully we can just get to gigs early and see what we can do then. i think it'll be a pretty good team especially if you know how to use zelda too because dins fire + projectiles = too good
    We should get on wifi (aib maybe?) and do doubles with people, you know.. Try to get some chemistry flowing lol hit me up some time after your classes i'm usually available after 3:30 PM
    I remember you. First match of the day. Umm, I'm not sure if I'm entering teams actually. Wanted to team with Seibrik, but Afro un-quit so they're teaming. If I'm in the mood to team I'll let you know. ^.^,
    yeah man, its gonna be my last for a while, we should definitely get some friendlies in im looking forward to playing again
    lol its cool, it could just be at a tourney or something. grats at getting 3rd in teams at hbox's tourny btw
    Yea man I'll be looking forward to playing friendlies in the future, I can help you more with the Toon Link matchup cause it can be annoying and maybe Wario to if you need it, I could use the DDD practice too cause I have a MM with a DDD main sooner or later.
    bionicleboy huh? GGs at gigs i was the toon link, lol we had a real awkward handshake after the match i was really nervous for the last match we had, wish it was recorded!
    what did I tell you boi.

    Better hope we dont ever cross paths in a dark alley...
    HOLY SH*T!!!

    Your not lieing...this place was here that long ago....and you were here?! Dude...your not very active here. :p
    yes :D
    I'm looking forward to brawling you
    (I can't brawl today >.< I don't have wifi till tommorrow night:))
    yes I would really like some falcon ditto's :D
    my fc:3050-9951-8920

    hope to brawl against you soon:)
    lulz XDXDXD

    Thee on smashboards XD
    i should've known

    i had to make new account bleh
    old account says its inactive -______________-
    Rofl. I never come here. Not as good as NW. I just come here every once in a while when I wanna check up on the MK forums.

    HA you cant hack my post here! Muahahaha lol xD. How does it feel to be a mere member again? Bet you havent seen an ad in quite a while huh? lol

    Rofl. Mod jokes are lame lol
    I'm not positive...I'd call frames or message him about that!!!

    I gtg to work, so I can't answer anymore till 1 am tonight!!!
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