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  • Hi, just letting you know all the Link mains of SWF completely hate the mods here and we've all moved to All is Brawl's Link forums. To help the movement I'm sending you a message so if you have any Link specific talk to go to the second biggest Link Forum on the net.... All is Brawl's Link forum.
    VVV Yup 90% people here are like...yeah nerds. The other 10% of people are us. The NW brawl-for-fun peoples. :)
    VVV Because the people in Smashboards Fail ._., 007 was able to handle people here, they are just.. brawl nerds that feel like they have to act like they are all that ._. its really sad VVV
    I see you uploaded your combo videos. Those replys didn't look good. O_O Comparing them to NW comments...just wow. O_O
    O_O o rly?

    well thats how much i hate it i thought it was for gamecube >_< Zelda OOT and the resto zelda games are the only onez i like (this is not including gay homosexual toony gamez)
    I hate the Game boy Zelda games....they make me mad...but i'd rather play then then gay Wind Waker etc.
    Hmm...ALTTP? Really? You want to use music from there? That game has like old **** classic video game music XD. I never even like A Link To The Past :p
    Wait what were we talking about? O_@
    You could post the Ganon and Samus onez this week.

    Lol idiot. If you have them on your laptop you could of worked on them. :p
    "But it gives me time to know what I want to do know."
    ^^^Most confusing quote evah.....but i figured it out. :D Yeah i guess it gives you time to think real hard on this....make it the best evah!
    Yup. :p

    Hmm...people are going to think "Just a random wannabe good Link user, nothing special." So as soon as you brawl some people on here word will get out. I suggest maybe posting your combo videos? Did you like cancel the Link combo video? Been awhile..since i heard about this.
    Yeah I be here only because it's ALOT more active then NW :p (And of course the link pro's) Well hang out wherever you want i tend to hang out in both XP
    O I C so you made an account a LONG time ago..hell you even made it before you made your NW account O_O well uhh...glad to see your um...account has awakend X_X
    O_O Holy Shiz....*Faints*

    Why? Well...now that you have made an account on here...you mine as well join AiB too :D
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