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  • Ah I see. I read that M2K combo. I need to practice that. That would boost my MK by a **** load :p
    Oh, that isn't too far. I think its possible we could host one, the hardest part would be finding all the smashers. D'you know any? It'd probably be best to start small, and see who'd actually be interested firstly.
    Well, you'd be surprised, they're quite a few smashers, s'just they aren't familiar with the smash community. If we did start a tourney, I think I'd be best to host it somewhere socially popular, like an outlet mall, are you familiar with Sandhill? They have a Game Stop, and its fairly popular during Fridays and Saturdays.
    Your right. I heard from a friend that all you really need to do is ask or request if a game store is having a tourney. Have you been to any tournaments? I'm new to the area, so I'm not in tune with all the hot spots.
    ok. Im usually on AIM. If your still using internet channel, i'll just play you whenever i see you on.
    I'm better about switching it up when I'm playing in real life.

    I can't boost smash in lag, which sucks big time because thats like my main ground approach.
    Hey. Just wondering if you were still looking for another partner to try out. I main zamus perfectly well, as well as olimar who is my side character. Let me know if you want to play 1v1 first. Ohh my aim is combatsquirrel27 if you need. :D
    yea i can and that lag killed my strategy

    im way better than those fights i must be having an off day.

    yea i can be ur partner and i fixed what was wrong with my Wii.
    lets brawl now

    i got ur FC

    heres mine : 4983-4590-2993

    BMX is my tag
    Mhmm I know, I am trying to work on my hugging-approach techniques...well it's going better then I expected. At least I can get on the stage...that's improvement for me. But indeed, you have some work to do. I'll judge and brawl ya later, trust me you will see a completely different set of fighters and tactics this time.
    Our match?

    You wanted to play me and so do i.

    Since your on, lets brawl.
    You barely rolled at all, so I'm happy to see that. However, your approach and short hopping game is atrocious. Take note, that was me playing Random besides choosing C.Falc at the end there and not trying to beat you but rather exploit you to situations. You need to work on not abusing techniques, you do it consistantly which exposes you to punishment and degeneration. You need to work on shielding more and also your spacing game is horrendous.

    However, your relentless and extremely skilled at both recovery and edge guarding. I was happy to see you kept me off the stage very well. However, when I was Marth you were very suspectible to my Counter recovery. You need to anticipate and be productive in that aspect. Now, you need to work on your spacing, aerial game, and overall judgement skills. To do that, go into training and work on trying to approach the enemy as fast as possible without leaving yourself open.

    For example, with Wario you NEVER want to Cycle approach. Rather, try to Dash Shield Grab approach or SH approach.

    Other then that, we shall Brawl later and I'll step it up a notch and put what I have said to the test. Feedback is appreciated, your very skilled but still lacking in the fundamental department. Thanks for Brawling, hope you learnt something. Now I need to go practice and work on my own characters to show you later tonight.
    Alright, sorry about the double post...laptop for all glitchy. I wish to host, I built my own modem and I've never lagged except for when it's the server's fault. Please, send your final FC when you double check ^_^
    Hmm...then we'll communicate here if you wish. My friend code is: 2062-8847-4006 and the name is Roy. Please, share your friend code as well. Also, I live in RI. WHat state do you live in?
    Hmm...then we'll communicate here if you wish. My friend code is: 2062-8847-4006. My name on Wiifi is Roy. However, give me about 5 minutes cause I want to move the Wii to the big screen and hook up the surround sound and move my laptop. I also need to pee and numb my hands, so gimme about 5 minutes. Gimme your friend code and yeah. Also, if you don't mind, what part of the country do you live in? I live in RI.
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