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  • He should be banned. If he's banned, global LGL and IDC rule has to go. If not, then he should be legal. Regardless of ban, more stages should be added (Pirate Ship, Japes, Norfair, Picto, Green Greens).

    Is MK legal in Puerto Rico still?
    Yes, only because I said I would a long time ago, and because I have seeding points. I'm still done with tournaments for a while, unless I get enough money for a solo flight to either Brainshock or Nova Scotia (21 legal stages :))

    I'm still going to be in SWF for a while though. I like the people here.
    Si! Hace tiempo q no juego. Mi main es fox falco y Zelda/sheik pero tambn Saco a dk d ves en cuando. Add me on fb, same email. Or ask some1 that's on their 20's known in the smash community.
    Yo no estoy usando secondaries pq quiero mejorar mi toon link para apex. goin all TL baby

    except for pit and TL, lol
    what i want to know is why you don't use snake, lol

    Your Wario is good, and I'm gonna have to learn the MU a little more because of you, cause that's one of the MUs I REALLY need to learn already. That and Pit. Hopefully we'll play more, so you can teach me.
    mira de casualidad tu no sabes quien es el mejor marth en Puerto Rico? pero te que ser su main
    Ahhhh that Negotiations thing doesn't work the way I thought it did. It pretty much pairs you with anyone, even with the specifics. <_>
    Sorry, I'm not PR, but that is a weird coincidence xP . I've lived in Laredo most of my life though, and been using that tag since high school, but if there's anything I know about that place, is that if we're not related, we know each other -somehow-
    Never tried Negotiations, not sure how well that would work. But it's worth a try.

    Trade With Anyone
    Lv. 1 through 49
    Want: Cool
    Have: Strange

    Make your options
    Lv. 1 through 49
    Want: Strange
    Have: Cool

    See how that works. :)
    Hmm, I could try that.
    What lvl/gender is the Tepig? Just so it's more specific and doesn't get stolen immediately.

    *I'll be under United States, in case there are alot of Vullaby in there already.
    Yeah, GTS never gives me problems, probably because it doesn't connect to anyone directly.

    Guess I just can't connect to whatever you've got up :(
    Yeah, I can't connect to you at all for some reason. Keep getting the 86420 error. :C
    Even did a random trade test before, and nothing like that happened. I have no idea what's up.
    I keep getting error msg 86420, which has something to do with firewalls. Do you have a firewall up on your comp ?
    Arrrrgh WFC is so finicky. Can't click on people without getting kicked half the time. -_-
    Let's see how this goes.......
    Any spare Pkmn's good; nothing in the Pokedex that can't be GTS'd at this point, haha :p

    FC- 3525 1327 4611
    'ey there, you in need of that Dark/Flying buzzard? I've got Black, so they're not hard to get. :p
    (btw, lmao @ the sig)
    No idea. A friend sent me the picture from facebook a while ago, and I found it the other day, and I was like, "hey I should just put this as my avatar".
    Gracias, gracias.

    Btw, I also heard that something "wow" is gonna happen in the next tourney, but from Neokarsh himself. :)
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