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  • I don't know if you still use skype, but I left you a message on there. I'd love to catch up and stuff if possible, although I'd understand if you didn't want to do that. (:
    Couple days late, but I just sent a discord invite :D
    Also hiiiiii :3
    Yup. Already played through the first 5 nights. I was expecting the game to not be that good, but I'm honestly impressed with it. And hi ^^
    You wouldn't happen to randomly gave a Japanese 6IV ditto by chance?
    Nah, I don't. Sorry :/
    It seems like dealing with people all day would make avoiding drama pretty easy :p. Hopefully being an educator or therapist will help me with that haha.
    College and League of Legends is all I've really been doing for the past month and a half lol. Thank gosh you're not a part of that drama. Drama too annoying :|.
    That sounds super awesome (the rp group)! I hope work is going well for you c:.
    Oh that's good. I'm same ol' same ol'. Had an IT internship over the summer but other than that nothing exciting. Living on campus at ACU. Not into any particular game or anything. Although I do wanna develop games somewhere down the road. Might play TERA when my new laptop comes in the mail in a couple of days as a timekiller, if only to beat people up as a baby panda in an MMO without having to target them.

    And yeah Brawl was never a good game! If that was the first smash game, no one would care about smash anymore haha.
    wow...that's horrible. I'm so sorry.

    Do you have any other relatives or significant others that you're staying with?
    Whoa i4got all about thiiiiss. >_>

    It's boss tho that you're goin to cawledge. Some of my friends go to U of H too, they really like it.

    I'm still goin to ACU in Abilene, kinda in the center of TX. 6~7 hr drive from there to here.

    ATANYRAET dis smashboards not ketchupboards (lol jk)

    I like what they're trying to accomplish with Project:M but it's not yet finished, still got some things to fix before it's really melee 2.0.

    Hopefully I'll respond to your next post earlier than 5 months from now haha....eh.ehheh.ehhhehehehe...
    That's great that you found somewhere to live! That sucks about Skype though. =/ well I'll be sure to leave you VMs/PMs occassionally!
    Yeah, I have skype. I am running around the corner to get mail but I will be back shortly.


    That's my skype. What's yours? ^^
    Hi. I read your post in the Unhappy thread and responded but, I didn't feel that was enough for me.

    So hello, I'm J. I'd like to get to know you more/better and talk to you. I kept thinking about your dilemma and it just can't get out of my mind in terms of how I know what is going on with you and the lonliness and just...to put it bluntly...how much is suck man. I know we haven't talked before but why not try it out first? I understand if not but I just thought I should give it a shot.
    Yo dude, I read your story in the Unhappy Thread and I just wanna say that I'm really sorry to hear about all of the bad news, that's too much for anyone to handle honestly. I don't know if we've spoken before, but if you'd like to talk to someone then I can help you out. You're in my prayers.
    Sorry to hear about the bad news man. I lost a friend to cancer a year ago, so I can imagine what you are going through. It's hard to see someone you love suffer, but make sure you keep your head up. I know it's rough, but just enjoy the time you have with your mother. Y'all are in my thoughts man. :(
    Because that's when I turned everything off. I was just trying to get tired, that's all :p
    Haha kind of, long time no chat!

    I quit brawl a bit before I went to college; I get on for the Project:M forum and streams. Taking classes here in Houston now. sup mang
    I could sleep forever though. I force myself to get up after about 10 hours of sleep on weekends :p
    Hey there, I went to school but came home at lunch because I feel like there's a blender in my stomach. I hope you come online soon, even though you're at school and may not :p
    You're the first person I celebrated my 18th birthday with... which means you're the first person to know the adult me.

    So, it's time to get serious. We need to talk about marriage, children, finanial issues, housing situation and a way to play with stocks. I want to have all of this down now that I'm 18, I won't be 18 forever you know. We need to do this NOW.
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