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  • come on Shadow Ball everyone knows Mewtwo would win right?... Mewtwo is more awesome than both combined

    Arceus vs Mewtwo NO ITEMS ALLOWED

    Mewtwo uses Aura Sphere
    Arceus has 71 HP

    Arceus used Judjement
    Mewtwo has 57 HP left

    Mewtwo used Aura SPhere
    Arceus Fainted
    Stronger than Mew and Mewtwo is kinda frightening. Godzilla was always a given for me (And I'm talking about the evil, mad as all heck, gonna destroy the world and has more power than an H-Bomb, but no Pokemon at least...

    Dialga and Palkia vs. Mewtwo would be epic though...
    Seriously, I read something about this "god" Pokemon Arceus. Would it actually be able to beat Mewtwo? I thought that mewtwo was supposed to be the "Strongest Pokemon of them all..." Forgive me but I stopped keeping up with like that a while ago. How on earth could it beat something like Mewtwo?

    Oh, btw, HI! How are ya?
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