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  • Hey, would you mind adding a link to http://n882004.webs.com/ in the OP of your Character Demands Tier List thread? It's a poll I've been running for a little while now, and it could use a little more exposure. It's not really worthy of its own thread/blog, so I thought you might be able to help out. Thanks!
    The fact you're playing Brawl again?
    Scares the wits out of me.
    I'm afraid I'm going to have to disown you.

    Well, if your thread in the Smash Workshop gets closed and you think you want to shoot for opening it again, contact one of the mods of the Smash Workshop. I doubt they'd re-open it though, so your best bet is to contact the mods of User Blogs to make sure it's cool if you can post a blog about it (which I bet would be less of a problem).

    You probably know this already, but at the bottom of each Forum there's a space that lists the mods of the section so you can contact them more easily.
    While the new thread of yours is a pretty interesting experiment, I'm sad to say that it'll probably be locked because the moderators would prefer that all SSB4 Discussion go in the SSB4 Thread, even though there's a lot of **** going on over there.

    You could always post a User Blog about it. Since those can generally be about just about anything, it probably wouldn't be closed. You might want to talk to one of the mods there just in case, though. ;)
    *scrrtch* Roger that, Croagunk is off to do something. Over. *sccrrtch*
    Hmm, what is it?

    ....Oh, right! The RPG. Sorry, I've been a bit busy. I'll try to post this afternoon, alright?
    Im ready any time tonight until 9:30pm mountain. If not we will have to trade friday, as today I had little homework and it took me FOREVER, or maybe wednesday, just give me a time:)
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