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  • tfw your gamecube breaks
    tfw abandon based melee
    tfw remember about mlg hype
    tfw try to watch mlg but miss everything except a few finals matches
    tfw the nostalgia is coming back
    tfw this happened a few weeks ago
    tfw even ****-tier smashboards is visitable again
    tfw check old notifications and remember mario ;_;
    that's because I fixed it on my iPhone but didn't reply because of being on my iPhone :p
    lol posted it to myself by accident

    i don't care it's not gonna work anyway, id rather just support my small community of mk legal events like D1 and Jtails and bring carpools to them. i already know a lot of people that hate Unity or the MK ban and would go just because of that reason. (I also know West coast, Europe, and Japan don't like Unity either). It's mostly an eastern half of the USA thing.

    lots of people are happy to get rid of me (and nairo) since we always rank high at these tournaments. Even other great MKs like Anti and Ally wouldn't care since they lose 2 big tourney threats because of it
    Thanks for the props on PTAS in the Smash Documentary thread. Always love seeing fellow Smashers enjoy our stuff. :)
    I couldn't make him get an alt if i tried. He kept telling me how he wasn't going to make an alt. So i highly doubt that's him. But ICG won't talk to me anymore, soo idk. He's been weird lately. But yeah he hasn't even been online in like a day lol. But yeah this guy doesn't type anything like ICG.
    Thanks man. I enjoyed it too. Being perhaps too bluntly honest, you're cooler than I thought you'd be, haha! :p And I hear that the first time Kyle saw you, you were really just not good. But he was impressed with how much you seem to have improved. You weren't too bad, keep it up! Seriously. :]
    As long as Im not going out of El paso its cool. Also, if I have gas :p. Which I am running low on with no job. So it has to be somewhat close until I can get gas in my car.
    **** 32 mins? Im like 20 lol, but a library? Where at? if we could find some midway point. That would work out for both of us.
    I live 5 mins away from fort bliss I would say more north east. But Yea I am interested in a tourney. Where do you live? My dad doesn't really feel comfortable with me havin people over yet.
    No problem. That was Lewis my best friend. He usually goes by Havox or the longer version: Havox'omnisoul'Exodus.

    He would be on the lower end of the rankings (although he's improved greatly as of late and possibly top 7).
    Hey at first it wouldn't let me post without being your friend bro. My bad haha.

    And no there are no NM power rankings. you could have just as easily text me to ask that.

    The power rankings were closed down after Brawl came out. But basically its Sliraobe God, AlphaBravo, myself, and then a toss up between tw1n, GoldenGlove, and a few others.

    For Brawl it's Dekar, Golden Glove, Tarmogoyf, and then it's a toss up from there. Nolan (Isaccard) is also a top contender.
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