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Master WGS
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  • I know you probably won't see this but you gotta help me find PTAS! I loved that series and i can't find it anywhere! I've been searching everywhere and this is where I've gotten lol. Anything you can do to help would be amazing! Thanks!
    Props for doing such a good job maintaining the Lucas video thread, even though it hasn't been so long I'm impressed with how quickly and frequently you update it.
    Are you and your crew going to Big House 2? There are only 12ish spots left for the Project M Singles event.
    Oh nice! His name is Stephen, his screen name is GunPunch here on the forums.

    Shoot me a link to the vid when it's up if you don't mind. Def want to check it out =D
    Yo! Could you hit me up with some links to wherever you got some of those sick skin packs for Project M? It'd be much appreciated. =D
    I'm posting here to thumbsup you for having Brock go "That's almost as bad as introducing a tripping mechanism in a fighting game."
    Hey WGS, i'm in columbus all the time now, pretty much free after 4:30 monday - thursday (with the exception of wednesday), i work at 10pm - 6am friday saturday. We need to play sometime though. 614 530 0891
    YOU REMEMBER ME QUAZ??? I hate your peach, it's tough love :(

    I dunno the exact dates that would be good for the entire crew, weekends would be ideal as most of us are in college. I'm in newark all weekdays, but for the next two weeks i'm on break so there's our window. I'll get in touch with some people this weekend and we'll figure out a date for sure.
    haha don't worry about it. I'm one of those people wh ocan remember a lot of people I played in tourneys especially if I lost, but I played you at FCD in 1st round of pools.
    Pokemon the Abridged series FTW! My favorite part (so far) was when you made a SSBB reference in episode 5: "Useing a electric type in a rock gym, thats almost as illogical as putting a tripping mecanic in a fighting game!" Lol, Priceless!
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