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  • not much man. I've been busy as hell lately. I have a 9 month old son and I just got promoted at my job again so I haven't had any time to talk to you or anyone else online lol. You still smashing i assume?
    just a random thats watching peach mains and how they play, watched a couple of your matches, pretty solid peach man i like
    yea, I wanted to go with Sago but I dont think he's going so I'm just comin with tink
    You should come play Gibby this week, he's getting better against Peach (but he's still pretty easy to dtilt.) Plus my sheik is pretty good too so I can help you from both sides if you want.

    Also against Sheik's spaced fair I have two suggestions: 1 spotdodge the fair then CC whatever she does next into dsmash/dtilt. 2 if she jumps and fairs your shield a lot wait for one then SH out of shield into an immediate fair, it owns her bullcrap and feels like sweet revenge. I don't do the first one very often but I don't think the second one has ever failed me when I've actually used it.
    Hey did you get your controller back? I gave it to Sparrow/Spikes to give back to you since they were going to Scsyn3. Also why didn't you enter the tournament?
    Yea I've got your controller. I guess you'll have to come to the fest this week too.
    What carrier do you have? Since I need a new phone I want to make sure I actually have one that at least has reception where I live.
    actually i think it would be better to do it the following week...i have a big test coming up that ive been studying for since june and i need all the time i can get to work on that...so maybe like november 10?
    Do you live in Northern IL? I've just moved to lakemoor and I'm in need of some good smasher friends. Let me know if you're up for a friendly or two. PM me later. Thanks. Abdallah
    Seriously man, I feel like a douche for forgetting when we played...

    What tourney/event was it at... and who did you use? :/
    hey, i wish we could practice. esp. with teams. who do u main now/ play it teams? i play hella falco nowadays. but prolly not in teams. my doc. mar. is mad. i just wanna know who u plan on playing for teams so i can practice. WE SHOULD ROCK! give me specifics
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