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  • did you and your bro play your tournament matches on my recording set up? I have like 7 friendlies from you both on there so I'm not sure if the set is in there
    are you an Tom gonna go to Lone Jedi's Wisconsin tourney? just curious. it's november 13th iirc in appleton wisconsin.
    dude lets smash sometime, your one of the few people i know on smashboards that lives in huntley, im right off of algonquin
    hi, i was just curious if you've ever played chexr/aarosmash guy in singles, and or teams with your brother. how did you guys do against each other?
    alright well Im only free next sunday I think and not monday, so it depends on your schedule I guess =(

    I need HUGE sheik practice too lol.
    alright sounds good I'm gonna need the address and number and stuff (you can just PM that to me or something)
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