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Recent content by Quaz

  1. Quaz

    New king dedede technology

    What the hell? Another me?!
  2. Quaz

    Kings of the North 2 Results

    Bracket could have been better, but I guess running tourneys is hard stuff.
  3. Quaz

    [May 17, 2014] KINGS OF THE NORTH 2 (Milwaukee, WI)

    hurray for more Chicago coming up. =D Come take our money please. I promise we're bad.
  4. Quaz

    Midwest [Aug 22, 2015] EXPosure 22 (Oak Park, IL)

    Anyone need a team mate for melee?
  5. Quaz

    4/12/2014 - IMDB11 Madison, WI Results

    Yes it is some shouts Frank - some sort of freak ORLY - you're hard to beat Richardo - I got ****in' exposed, and that yoshi looks mad fine. Sveet - Good luck with Peach Milwaukee - Stay Free Bing Bing - Frank won it for you John - Much angryer than me
  6. Quaz

    4/12/2014 - IMDB11 Madison, WI Results

    any particular reason why Frank and Tom were on the same side of the bracket?
  7. Quaz

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    SHEIK IS soooooo HARD! D=
  8. Quaz

    WI Thread

    Yo Ethan come to Milwaukee Biweeklies ^. I've won the last 2 and I know you can beat me.
  9. Quaz

    [Mar 13, 2014] The Construct 2 (Milwaukee WI)

    like 21 peopel showed up. Placings was Me, DFU, and Wizard Howl.
  10. Quaz

    Kings of the North (Results/Shoutouts Thread)

    I like how Kenneth got 5th twice in PM =( .. *is supposed to be one of those spots*
  11. Quaz

    WI Thread

    Hey Mundunguu you able to bring a streaming setup to KotN?
  12. Quaz

    Kings of the North - Feb 9th 2014 - Milwaukee WI

    Going, obviously.
  13. Quaz

    WI Thread

    Yeah I'll show up to that, I'll post it in the Milwaukee Facebook Thread. Im sure we could get some interest for that.
  14. Quaz

    WI Thread

    Where does he live nowadays? Still whitewater? I'd really like to hit him up and see how he's doing.
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