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Recent content by Master WGS

  1. Master WGS

    "I'm an earthquake in a can!" - Bowser video thread

    I got embarrassed on stream. I already know some stuff to work on, but I'd love some fresh eyes to give me more thoughts. Was feeling a little off my game that day, but won't pretend I would have won these sets any other day. Vs. StrongBad Vs. Apathy
  2. Master WGS

    Midwest [Jul 25, 2015] AlfaCollusion 6 (PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED) (Columbus OH)

    This will be the second time I will have played with humans in PM 3.6b, assuming I make it to Packrat tomorrow (which will be the 1st). If anyone wants to coax me into a MM they might win due to my severe inexperience, this will be the place.
  3. Master WGS

    Tier List Speculation

    Hi, Bowser who beat Ally in tournament a month or so ago here. Late to the discussion without much to add, but I figured I would since it was apparently asked. I haven't gotten to play a ton of people in 3.6 yet (been on vacation), but a lot of what I'm hearing from other Bowser mains...
  4. Master WGS

    Bowser general discussion thread.

    Beat Ally today, and he said I threw him off because no other Bowsers ever dash attack his Nairs. I assume this means he's just never played a Bowser because that's definitely day one stuff guys.
  5. Master WGS

    Cincinnati Smash Classic II Results

    Yo I love this tournament series and will come back every time Project M or Melee is involved, even if it goes super late. Keep up the good work Doc.
  6. Master WGS

    Top Players & Videos by Character v3.5

    While I appreciate the compliment, Odds belongs on the top 5 Bowser list instead of me. Not sure if he has vids/wins vs notable players, but I'm positive he's a better player than me.
  7. Master WGS

    Shots Fired hosted by Easton Smash

    Good times, y'all.
  8. Master WGS

    [Jan 24, 2015] Cincinnati Smash Forever - SSBU/SSBM/SSBPM (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Won't be carpooling this event because I have a bit of an early morning Sunday so I'll be trying to get back home as early as possible. Don't know about SoulPech, though.
  9. Master WGS

    [Jan 24, 2015] Cincinnati Smash Forever - SSBU/SSBM/SSBPM (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    I'll be there with the lagless BenQ wonder and an HD recording setup for Project M. Gonna put up a fight if it's requested for Smash 4 this time, as I really want to capture PM HD matches featuring Columbus, Cinci, and everyone else who shows up! :p
  10. Master WGS

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    They've moved to New York and Pennsylvania, respectively, and I don't think either actively play anymore. If either of them do, though, it would be Buck. Roooster was always more interested in traditional 2-D fighters, and I think he's been hardcore into Xrd as of late.
  11. Master WGS

    Cincinnati Smash Revival Biweekly Results

    In PM I was Bowser and Lucas. In Melee I was Marth. Shout outs to Village Mascot for bouncing back and taking our set after I 3-stocked him game 1. Never underestimate the power of minor adjustments and adaptation in games 2&3.
  12. Master WGS

    Melee SFX Update (05/07/17): Brawl Link? Melee Link?!! Alt Link Modz!

    Was literally coming into this thread to say that. Also, quick question - what file is the sweet high-percent hit sound located in? Redownloaded just the 7.sawnd for my brother's build since he didn't want any of the character specific stuff, and he says that's not triggering. I figured it'd be...
  13. Master WGS

    Melee SFX Update (05/07/17): Brawl Link? Melee Link?!! Alt Link Modz!

    Just put in Shun's Showtime Bowser with Melee sfx, and it's pretty rad. Now to get a more vibrant default color to make him feel more canonical. Looking forward to the minor fixes to come, but already loving this pack as is. Thanks again Amaze!
  14. Master WGS

    Melee SFX Update (05/07/17): Brawl Link? Melee Link?!! Alt Link Modz!

    I think Diddy's ball juggle taunt had its sound wrongfully switched. Haven't done it in a while so I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds off.
  15. Master WGS

    Melee SFX Update (05/07/17): Brawl Link? Melee Link?!! Alt Link Modz!

    Hmm... I still think Ganon should have some kind of sound for when his foot hits the ground on utilt on whiff. I can probably get over Marth's sheathing sound, despite how weird it sounds to me. Must've just never noticed it.
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