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#HBC | FrozeηFlame
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  • ayy bro I'm hosting a mafia game, third of installment of Flavorless Mafia. Just thought I should let you know.
    Are you on the BRoom discord btw? I was thinking of hitting you up for some WoW stuff.
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    No Im not, Im rarely ever on discord but if thats easiest shoot me a link and I can hop in or just PM me and Ill answer whatever questions you have!
    Hey Frozen! Would you be willing to join a forum game i'm hosting?
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    maybe, depends on what kind of game it is haha, what're the details?
    Well, the game already started almost a week ago. The prize is free premium for a month! However when i host next season i'd like to see you play! smashboards.com/threads/survivor-smash-boards-edition.412709/
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    #HBC | FrozeηFlame
    Gotcha well thanks for the heads up, maybe next time!
    It's ok game started already and I can put you as replacement 7 if need be, if not try Rykers game, he needs one more.
    Secen years of mafia and still new setups are coming out. Mafia is a really flexible game.
    I getya wrt the late game thing. Much more info to go off of.
    Man dgames is an "old" online community.
    Huh. Seems like an odd tradition. You do have scary accurate reads when you make it to endgame though(like allstars)
    i dont think i ever got back to you

    but yea ofc im down

    if you dont end up using it for the MS vs SWF game
    Well, consider me part of these people then as I'm currently in two games and will have 'finals' at the end of this month so I'm occupied myself. I'll join anytime from July onward.

    Can you send it to the marshmellowman account? (or is marshy not invited cuz he's a scrub)

    It's hard to clear up my mailbox cuz I'm like 300 messages over xD
    No prob. Also, who was the guy you teamed with most of the time on the Project M tv? You're both briefly featured in the Dair Combo video, and I'd like to know who to credit.
    Deity of Flame for hydraname?

    Lol come on dude, obviously meant the city, rest of ny barely exists. But yes, I will be there. Seriously, be in the city for winter break man, I'll get TDA to chill with us.

    Oh yea, text me please, I lost my old phone a little while back and don't have your number anymore.
    poke, up for hydraing with me on a mafiascum game? It's a mafiascum large theme (which means it's massive, lol) based on feast for crows from the song of ice and fire series of books. Game of thrones if you saw the hbo series.

    Also, when you coming back to ny bro?
    Whoa I was never arguing that it wasn't illegal, just that it wasn't the same as what you said because you were WRONG
    Happy Bday :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha, that line up of people you just posted on Chill's wall is seriously all the people that were in the first SSBMafia xD. Oh what good times.

    Can't believe it took us this long to get you broomed. Still feel bad for all the N1 kills you had to endure ;p. I remember people thinking that if you weren't killed during Night 1, you'd probably be mafia and they'd lynch you Day 2.
    Hi FF, what's better -doing things on your own, or just going with town?

    Town always finds me scummy when I'm just not going with them, but pursuing other approaches or reads.
    Yeah, like most people once you go into the broom you kind of lose interest in other aspects of the site. There are a lot of broomers who only check the broom and nothing else. I became one of those people for awhile. After some time I took up modding and became more little more active. I still play mafia in the broom and lod though.

    But yeah, you have no idea. I still remember all the good times I used to have playing mafia when it first became popular around here with you Rici, FalcoX and everyone else. Rici was broomed and ever since then I've been trying to get you broomed as well.

    That was years ago though. So much has changed since then. With college and work now I feel old sometimes. What about you?
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