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#HBC | FrozeηFlame
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  • what do you do when you have a cop inno on someone and they get pushed into like L-1 and are about to be lynched?

    do you claim and save his *** or just let him die so you can survive?
    I'll keep it on the queue.

    edit: Kuz was not in the game to begin with. With Ryu out, Tiger had his "/in if possible" so I added him. Final roster at sign-ups thread, should be good.
    I believe the queue is updated and correct, so go ahead and start your game if you can. Not really about your game, I just kinda wanna move the queue right quick.
    Hey, I hear you might go to Zenith. It would be interesting to see you there! : D
    Awwwww man. I just realized who this was.


    It's about to get real. <3
    man it's hard to get grabs, utilt people just have to jump :glare:

    i'm booty w/ sheik and puff hahaha. my sheik only knows how to beat falcon because down throw + reaction = ****

    yeah it's a good idea to go to those. cbus is in search of good melee talent iirc. shame that every melee tourney is in chicago, 4-6 hours driving ftl
    utilt is too lame LOL it feels like i get auto 50s from just doing it at 0 to anybody above me

    man melee falco too hard, i'mma stick to 0 tech characters like marth :D

    host something melee sometime in cbus, i'd try to come
    Aw yee. My YL was super disrespectful when I was playing a bit earlier and I'm more than up for future hilarious clone teams.
    Yeah, I agree! I definitely wasn't expecting it myself, but it was aaaa-ma-zing!
    lol maybe you didn't notice. You didn't give me a # for Starcraft mafia! Like, how many players does the game need?
    Essentially as the town cop I fakeclaimed N0 cop with a guilty on Swiss, pushed it until I had a 100% read on Swiss (my read was scum) but at the end of the Day an inconsistency in my fakeclaim led everyone to doubt that I was town, so "in order to avoid a NL, pushed kuz" who was pretty noobscum and buddying with Swiss (flipped goon). Fortunately kuz also pulled the chainsaw on Swiss so I used that, along with keeping up the N0 cop fakeclaim to Lynch Swiss (was mafia godfather). After that I admitted I lied about being the N0 cop

    The reason everyone has beef with it is either they refuse to believe that I would backdown if I got a town read on Swiss, and even if they can accept that they think because no-one CCed cop, mafia would see me as cop straight away and NK me N1 wasting a PR. I argue that that could only happen if all of the following occured:

    Swiss was town
    The mafia managed to get everyone to claim "not-cop" leaving me confirmed cop
    The doc decided not to protect me (A claimed PR ) - Doc did protect me N1 in the game
    The mafia thought I'd be worth killing despite being not a direct threat (not the strongest town playe by far), being super easy to discredit as I have already lied once - who would believe someone who claimed N0 cop to later retract it was really the cop?

    Even in this absolute worst case scenario that I do get killed N1, town would lose a PR and a mid-ability player, but also still be able to gain the good reads and info from the gambit.
    12 players, original flavor. Think of how normal mafia games on mafiascum are like, not themed games. I mean there will be some flavor to it, but it's not based on anything already made in media. It takes place in a hospital, so roles are based off jobs there, i'm gonna try to make the flavor kind of dark.
    Current player list is only like 4 or 5 so far, I just started asking people yesterday. If you want to suggest people to join go for it.
    :O found another Discussion leader.

    And your for Dgames! ;D

    How long have you been one?
    Frozenflame, did you forget about Ronike's test subject mafia? You're about to be modkilled/replaced.
    Could I be a replacement in Bad Idea if you need one? I missed the sign ups despite being on vigil for it.
    We got MCXA unsanctioned. I am a reoroll who has always stayed with blue alliances. Went from NAAC all the way to Polar quit after BLEU-Cont war and just restarted 3 months ago
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