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  • Yeah, both songs are ridiculous. This album is going to be so crazy when it's all put together.
    So Immi has two new songs.

    Get hyped.

    They're both a lot different from what I'd have expected, but I suppose if it were what I expected, it wouldn't really be Immi.
    Yeah...he's either forgotten, it glitched or something and he didn't get it, the notification got removed without him actually seeing the message...something has almost certainly happened. I'll wait until Friday or Saturday just because that's the beginning of when I come home and that'll sound less like I've been waiting by the computer for his answer anyway lol (even though I've actually been doing pretty well with not having my stomach ignite a little bit every time I check Facebook).
    Oh, yeah, I noticed when I was on her Facebook page once that it said we had in common that we "like"d Imogen Heap. That is pretty awesome.

    I'm generally pretty "eh" on dubstep; I don't hate it, but generally it's not really my thing. It's a pretty cool remix, but I'm not too big a fan. I mean, I'm generally not that big of a fan of remixes of non-video-game songs, and I prefer the original to that version. Still, I wouldn't have thought a dubstep remix of that song would work at all. And I actually forgot about that song's existence even though it's pretty good (one of like...three songs from her third album that's kind of acoustic and not upbeat-as-hell), so thanks for reminding me of it lol.

    Btw, still no response...I really don't think he hates me anymore, but I'm pretty sure something got mixed up somewhere along the line, because I don't think it should've taken nearly two weeks to respond...I'm thinking I should send him another message on like, Friday or Saturday in hopes that he'll see that one and let me know if it's going to be possible to see him over break or not.
    That sucks to hear about your workload. =/ I know that's gotta suck, even though I know you can handle it, however difficult it may be.

    No worries about not being on too often, I completely understand. I'm online far less now than I used to be before college (aside from the part where I sit procrastinating and bull****ting on the internet). Whenever we both have a chance to be on at the same time, then we can catch up on everything.

    Good luck on your exams!
    So I just thought I'd let you know that I ended up getting David Guetta's album and I'm quite pleased with it so far. Especially a fan of "Where Them Girls At" (gotta love Nicki), "Without You," and "Repeat."

    Also we haven't talked in forever and we should remedy this sometime soon, 'cause I really want to know how college is going for you! I also want to talk to you about some stuff, haha.
    Niiice. Love the wall hangings. And don't worry about clutter, lol, you haven't seen clutter until you've seen the room of two of my suitemates. Literally, Saturday night, one of them slept on the couch in the common room because he was too drunk to clear all the crap off of his bed and get into it.
    So I'm sitting here right now playing TF2 with my roommate and blasting Lady Gaga.

    I love college.
    I am happy for her success as an artist, I just...wish people would stop making my favorite songs as singles, 'cause then everyone knows it, and the ***hats are out there telling me how stupid a song is instead of actually giving the song a shot. And in the past like, two weeks, there's been You And I, Cheers, and now Fly...I wish people would stop at 3 or 4 singles like they used to lol.

    Btw, what'd you think of Gaga at the VMAs lol?

    I love the video, and I hate to be "that guy," but...why do all of my favorite songs have to become singles T_T

    I'd say "At least 'I'm The Best' isn't a single yet," except it'll probably be released as the next single just to spite me. .-.
    Omgwtf why did everyone else feel this earthquake that I didn't feel?

    No, I didn't...apparently it hit DC pretty hard though, which is where my parents are. I mean, not too bad, but they were evacuated from the Smithsonian apparently.

    Anyway I'm actually just about to send you my schedule through PM. So you'll get that in a minute.
    Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I'm not entirely sure when we'll end up being able to talk, I know my days are pretty full and I'd imagine your days are too; even when I have a break from required activities and whatever, everyone in the Media Fellows program tends to be hanging out, so I've had little time to do much else. (Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad everyone in the program's already becoming pretty close.)

    Good songs! I didn't even know Kid Cudi had that song out...is that from a demo or something?

    Anyway, hopefully we'll be able to talk sometime soon. My classes start tomorrow, but I fit everything in in the morning/early afternoon, so I'll be free later in the day.

    And here's my music chart from last week (didn't actually get to finish it 'til today, I've been working on it in pieces when I get some time lol).

    Okay, I really like the very first outfit in the video (the black one where she's on the road)...

    But otherwise, what the **** was up with that video. >_>

    Didn't realize that had become a single, either, though I guess that explains why everyone else is suddenly listening to it lol.
    I got a truckload myself, on somewhat of a whim (but not entirely) I bought the entire Assassin's Creed bundle -- 1, 2, and Brotherhood all for $30. =3 (There's an AWESOME backstory to that involving CTCon but it's better explained on AIM.) Oh and apparently Steam lied to me after all, it told me I wouldn't get extra copies of anything but I got gift passes for Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1. So I can gift you those after all if you'd like, lol.

    And yes, you actually do really have to play Portal 1 to understand the sequel, or at least fully appreciate it and all of its humor, plus it is an AMAZING (albeit short) game so you definitely need it. Portal 2 is amazing and it's more difficult and much longer, but Portal 1 still has this amazing charm to it, which is probably why I've replayed it about 10 times.

    And yes I will DEFINITELY be on AIM tonight! I've gotten all of 12 hours of sleep over the past three days, not about to start getting sleep now. :awesome:
    Um, so, I thought I'd just let you know ASAP (since the sales end tomorrow) that for whatever reason in getting the Valve Complete Pack I don't get extra copies of ANY of the games in the Orange Box. I don't even understand why, but if you want to get the games that are in it, you'll want to get them in the next 18 hours, before the sale ends.

    Honestly, the only one that I can personally say is a must-have in the pack is Portal, because TF2 is free-to-play (although there are features of the game that don't come with the free version), and although everyone says Half-Life 2 is amazing I haven't gotten far enough to know that yet. But you may want to be safe and just grab The Orange Box + Portal 2, otherwise just go for the Portal pack.

    /Steam purchase advice rant

    tl;dr: Steam is stupid and so I can't give you the games in The Orange Box for free after all.
    Ahh, you got Beat Hazard! Yay! You should tell me your Steam name so I can add you to my Friends list.

    (Also you should get on AIM.)
    [collapse=2011 Midyear][IMG][/collapse]
    So you're never going to guess what movie we're about to start in Stat.

    I'll give you a hint: it's got a heavy flow and a wideset vagina.

    :troll: u jelly?
    Haha yes that's the best. Sooo many good bits.

    "Why do you think there's a napkin on my orange juice?"

    "I am a nurse, I'm just not registered."
    Happy Birthday MK!!!! Hope it was a good one!

    Good luck for graduation and stuff.

    And go see the Hangover 2!! It's pretty awesome ha :p
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