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    No yeah but happy birthday dude. With all luck I'll catch you on AIM and stuff later today.

    Oh, but I got you a present!

    Happy Birthday!


    Get it? It's a gag gif!
    Lol, and I'm dancing, too. Falling into the same routine, flicking through the TV...okay I'll stop quoting Goodnight and Go now.

    Anyway yeah, I figured school had gone bat**** crazy on you. =( Yay at it being almost over though! We'll have to discuss the Lit/Stat exams, I'm curious what you thought of them. (Oh, just saying though, I totally had a nerdgasm at number 6 on the Stat exam.)

    Are you (pretty much) done with stuff now, or is stuff still not going to be completely over 'til finals? i.e., do you think you'll be on this weekend? We'll have to catch up whenever it is you do get on, so much has been going on this past month (some for better, some for worse...well, no, I take that back -- everything ultimately for better, I'd say, just some things were less fun than others) and some awesome **** went down on Tuesday.

    Anyway lol, hopefully we'll talk on AIM again soon. Now that my AP exams are over I have some stuff going on in Lit, but my other 2 APs are pretty fully concluded and all I have besides that is Forensics and Journalism, both of which are easy as hell, so I imagine I'll be on pretty early almost every night now.
    Holy ****, seriously?! Is everything okay? I mean, obviously everything isn't okay, but like...aside from the power being out, are you all right? Did anything happen to your house or anything?

    I hope everything works out all right D= Hope to talk to you soon.
    Oh yeah, Jane Eyre is definitely slow, especially at the beginning. Once it gets to a certain point thought it's just like...so good. I keep telling myself I'm going to re-read it, in fact. I may actually get around to that at some point in time, lol.

    Fffff of course you'd have nothing to do tonight lol, I have to finish writing my journalism
    piece tonight...shouldn't take too long though hopefully, I literally have 90% of it planned out in a Word document already and all of my interviews are transcribed, I just have to put it all together. The fact that this is supposed to be an "in-depth" piece that we're supposed to have been working on for like four weeks now should probably mean that writing everything but the lede paragraph should take a while, but...journalism pieces never take me much more than an hour lmao (excluding the teacher feature, but that's because I wanted that thing to be absolutely perfect for obvious reasons).

    ANYWAY I'll stop writing this post and get to work and hopefully will be on by 9 at the latest. I'll have to listen to that MIKA music then, too.
    Yeah lol, I got totally caught up writing it last night. I meant to read before bed but I gathered so much momentum that I didn't want to stop. I initially intended to get to bed before 2:30, too...that didn't happen either, haha. But at least I'm still making progress and not dropping this blog like my last five ideas.

    Oh I forgot, I bought "Kick ***" too (and am listening to it right now, actually, haha), such a good song.

    Don't worry about not being online, seriously haha, as I've told you before, real life comes before the intrawebz. Congratulations on passing your graduation project!

    And lol, I'm sitting in Journalism right now trying to figure out how the hell to write the lede for my "significance of music" piece. You should read Jane Eyre though! It's such a good book, I read it over the summer for Lit. Well, at least I think so, lol.

    Hope you have a good week too! Hopefully I'll talk to you on AIM sometime this week!
    So I just figured you might find this interesting/crazy...

    Remember that blog I told you I was working on? I made a ton of progress on it tonight and I just finished the actual story part of it, still have to go through the actual "so what" of it all. Guess how many pages it is now?

    13! :awesome:

    I'm going to have to work really hard at cutting stuff out of this thing...

    Oh also, I stumbled upon Ingrid Michaelson randomly the other day through iTunes suggestions and was like "Wait...this name sounds familar..." and I remembered that you had linked me to her stuff a while back, haha. Then I gave her stuff more of a listen and ended up getting her Girls And Boys album, and it is absolutely amazing.

    Just thought I'd let you know those things. Why? Because it's late and I'm tired and right now it seems like a good idea to post random stuff on your profile.
    Not on the DS, it MAY be ported to the 3DS for us to play at a later date but at the current moment, it's not being released in English in NA on the DS due to low sales of their games. (i.e. Ghost Trick)

    Maybe, but you'll be missing out on all the puns and jokes. This really sucks!!!

    way to point out something that was already in the post you quoted

    lol your #1 is prob like old or bad or something then <3

    gez why don't you just sleep with RedOne
    Way to choose VGC 2011, the literally most unpopular official metagame there is.

    You guys just WANT the E4 to die, don't you?
    Oh yeah? Do you go to Enloe? Crazy magnet schools. I know there are some other smash players in the area. Maybe you should organize a smashfest.
    wtf... we're practically neighbors. I live in Garner south of Raleigh off 40. We should get together and do some pokémangz sometime.
    Dude, I just realized you were in North Carolina. Whereabouts do you live?
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