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  • That music video threw me off completely. I was expecting a music video full of gayness and happy stuff considering how hyped the song/video was.

    I felt like she was doing too much in it. But I did like the beginning.
    Bahaha, so close to home, too.

    By the way, just saying, Goodbye Lullaby is absolutely amazing.

    And he played "Little Boxes" today.

    I'll expand next time we talk on AIM, but I might explode here LOL.
    She was at the VMAs covered in meat. Then she's at the Grammys dressed as an egg. Two more red carpets and Gaga will be a Denny's Grand Slam.
    It's all right -- as usual, I understand. =) Good luck on your midterms, even though I'm sure you'll be fine on them.

    And yay! Hopefully I'll actually be able to be on tomorrow, lol, I'm hoping my homework won't take me too long. Actually having a really good music week though. Mostly old music (only one new song), but I'm really loving it this week, haha. In any case, I'll get through my homework ASAP tomorrow and hopefully will be on AIM.
    ...**** dude. She controls the void.


    ...Yeah, the world is screwed.
    ...Does Lady Gaga have a cat? Because if she does...you can expect that thing to go kamikaze any day now.

    No...I don't know. ._. I'm probably forgetting...

    OH WAIT.

    Are you talking about her hair? O_O

    ...Hoooly ****.
    Gah, we just got home but I'm actually REALLY tired so I think I'm going to just take a shower and go straight to bed. X_X. I'm sorry, I'll definitely be on tomorrow, got a little bit of homework to finish but I'm going to get through it as fast as possible.
    We're stopped at a gas station right now and I just wanted to give you a quick update, instead of doing half the trip tonight and half tomorrow we may end up just driving straight through, meaning we'd get back around 1 AM-ish. Just wanted to let you know so you're not wondering why I'm not on, haha.

    If we don't end up going straight through, you'll see me on earlier, obviously, but it looks like that's the preferred option here.
    Meta-Kirby...why and how do I **** up so bad?

    I feel like a ******. I just...ugh.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Oh yeah, I know how that is. =/ Like, it's a good week but you feel like **** because you know it's not going to stay like that for long.

    Your English class sounds really like...terrible with the workload, that really sucks. =( (On an interesting note though, my class is finishing Hamlet by Friday, lol.) You don't have to apologize for not being on, because while I obviously wish you were on I know you've got a lot of stuff on your plate. But it's good that you're the only A in the class! That's pretty impressive! =D

    My weeks are definitely not completely perfect still lol, but I'm managing to actually be optimistic about it and like...when I start to feel like crap, by the end of the day I make myself realize that either A) Nothing's actually wrong and I'm overreacting, or B) If I'm not happy about something, rather than sitting around miserable about it, I need to actually work to fix it. I feel bad that I'm doing well while you've got all of this **** on your plate, though. =/

    By the way, "Recover" by Natasha Bedingfield is absolutely amazing. Was feeling really meh yesterday but it like...seriously pulled me through.

    But we can talk more the next time you get on AIM. Good luck with the rest of your week! Everything will be all right in the end, and all of your hard work will totally pay off! =D
    Yeah, my friend actually mentioned that to me the other day. =| S'all right, as I've said in the past, I'm not even sure I really wanted a sequel, because they probably would've found a way to ruin the good they executed with the first one.

    Plus, it's been a pretty good week so far, so I'm all good. =D How's your week going?
    Yeah ah ha, you know what it is
    everything he do, he do it big
    Yeah ah ha, posting thats nothin
    when he posted out of the lot, thats stuntin
    reppin my forum when you see me you know everything
    Meta-Kirby, Meta-Kirby
    Meta-Kirby, Meta-Kirby
    He put it down from his sig to his infractions
    Meta-Kirby, Meta-Kirby
    Meta-Kirby, Meta-Kirby
    Meta-Kirby, Meta-Kirby

    God I hate that song.
    What are you talking about it took Firus 25 hours to lock that thread that is not fast lol
    Why don't you post in there after I do saying that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The community will obviously listen to you more than they would listen to me.
    So do I have the okay from your side for the PokeCenter Awards? I still have Firus and Chill to ask of course but.
    This turbulence is a result of ChiboSempai not following the threads before him. Spire has resolved this issue. Also, it's not really a project. I simply post a thread containing the various categories and allow members to submit their votes to me via private messaging. Once results are tallied everything will be updated and happy-happy. All the thread has until then is speculated discussion.
    So after seeing the results of the Disco Room Awards I was kinda hoping to host something similar for the PokeCenter? Categories would include but would not be limited to "Best Spriter," "Most Helpful," "Best Tournament Player," etc. Opinions?
    Dude, again, don't apologize, I totally understand that schoolwork happens, and unfortunately, school > fun stuff. I'm just sorry you've been so overwhelmed. :(

    And yep, I was at the mall again on Sunday with my family (they kinda dragged me along, but that's beside the point lol) and I was really bored waiting for them so I SCOURED the CDs at FYE twice over and I found Details, I was so happy. And then on Monday I "borrowed" L.A.M.B. (lol lamb) from my sister.

    I'm absolutely loving both albums. Not a fan of ALL of L.A.M.B., but the good songs are really good, and I'm with you on "What You Waiting For?" being amazing. And "Hear Me Out"...omg, so good. I was sure "Half Life" was going to be #1 for half the week, but "Hear Me Out" was going to be close, and in the past 24 hours it overturned it completely lol. Actually now that you mention it "Psychobabble" is kind of reminiscent of "The Moment I Said It", lol...

    We definitely do have to catch up, I've got some homework to do myself (my music chart kinda ended up taking precedence for tonight, lol) but I should definitely be able to finish that up in the earlier part of the day.

    Agh, I feel so bad that your week was bad, 'cause I actually did have a pretty good week...well, no, I had a good music week, a terrible week otherwise, and then today was amazing and it sorta all fell by the wayside 'cause of that, but I can explain that later (even though it's pretty much absolute confirmation that I'm nuts lol).

    I hope your weekend ends up being better than your week. :( But we'll definitely have to talk tomorrow, catch up, and maybe even finally finish XD lol.

    EDIT: Holy ****, me and my walls of text.
    So, I've had a pretty exciting music week, but we haven't been able to talk for like the past week...:( So I'm going to leave this here to speak for what my week's been like.

    Ah, okay. I was under the impression that you needed a log to prove the validity of the battle. I told someone a few days ago that their match didn't count because I wasn't provided any logs but I just told them that I'll now count it.
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