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  • Remember when I asked for that log of our conversations about Batman so I could do a report card for The Wrath?

    I lost it, somehow. If you could hit me up sometime with it that'd be ballin.
    So pro.

    Not only is it pro, but keep going and with an upper back and shoulders like that, you'll be able to smack the crap out of those douches too!
    we have a match for the train thingy... let me know when u can play
    Omis we need to fight soon i have work tomorrow so i won't be able to play you in the morning just give me a time plz deadline is tomorrow.
    Unless your invisible i'll be able to play now just vm me back when your online.
    Haha, wow that's ironic. I thought AP Psych was hella easy. O.o Except the Cocktail Party Effect = WTF.
    >.>;; Never learned that one, but overall it was good.
    I took it last year when I was a sophomore. My teacher would be comparable to a drunk hippo. I got a 3 on the exam, that's all I needed lol. >_>;; I'm not a dumb person, I just hated the material because it was so...so boring.
    Sorry, but I really have no clue. I've never played an oboe before, and I don't even know of any oboists who have played bassoon or the other way around either.

    However I did switch over from the trumpet. I know the trumpet and oboe are two very different instruments, but it's still experience of switching from one to the other. I had little trouble learning the bassoon, myself. Of course all of the keys were overwhelming at the very beginning, but practicing made up for that.
    You bet son xP!!!

    Shame your father dosent like, the overall all culture if i understood it right :p!

    O well, ima go, cya, good talk :D
    Cool story xP!!!! Mine is just boring.

    Father and Mother are from brazil capitol(brasilia) both met here, i was born here. No biggie :p.

    So id bet you can listen/read to portuguese kinda well cause someone in your house speaks it right xP!!!! Make advantage of it tho. Say to chicks you are part latino and BAM they will fight for you :p. And portuguese is awesome too :D.

    Random question, have you ever come to brazil pretend to :p?

    And i hope im not boring you/stalking you too much with my questions :X
    This is sweat lol ^^. So you now live in brazil or france :p??

    Ima guess france cause of the lack of write(im not judging you, its just a suposition ><) but hey, nice meeting ya
    Dude, no problem. This is exactly what replacements are for. I'm sorry to hear about the ****storm. Take it easy, man.
    It sucks how we didn't really play any games today because the TDM servers weren't working...maybe another time. :(
    Yeah, someone told me about that. I'm going to wait until wednesday when jungle gets back form where ever he is and see if he jumps right in. If he's sufficiently active I'll be keeping him in, but if you, you'll be my first choice for replacing. Sound good?
    Lol your on. I had already "signed up for you", if you weren't on. I'd doubt he'd accept it, but hell. So sign up now.
    I'm not a troll, I just have opinions that differ.
    Remember the golden rule of a mod though...

    I only got modded like yesterday, so it's still pretty recent news.
    Or was it 2 days ago? Dunno, I have no sense of time.
    We only march Pics.
    It's just so tiring. We have idiots who keep fidgetting and pressing keys; our marching instructor is really pissy about that stuff. Many laps and push-ups.
    Since I play the French Horn in Concert Band, I figured that it would be best to march Mello. I didn't know there would be so many strings attached.
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